Strange thing happened to me

Okay, so this happened and I'm still trying to figure this out. This guy I work with told me about this thing he likes to do with his wife. He invited me over for dinner. Nothing seemed weird. They had a normal house, and his wife didn't seem like that "kind of woman". Pictures of their family in the living room, she was dressed casual, not at like what I expected from what he had told me.

I started to think nothing was going to happen but after we ate, he got up and unbuttoned her top. She seemed really nervous. She got quiet and let him do it. Her mood changed quickly.

Then he offered for me to touch her and I did. I was allowed to feel her up. I did it for about a half hour before I had to leave. The conversation was completely civilized, nothing naughty, as we took turns feeling her up.

I was getting turned on, but remained respectful. I didn't think I'd be into it but when I got home I couldn't stop **. She wasn't gorgeous or hot or even a **. She's not someone you'd turn your head at to give a second look. But, the situation was a turn on.

I hope he invites me back.

Apr 18

Next Confession

I want to get a black woman pregnant.

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  • Im 11yo boy ani first c** when i was 9 and half .and i really want to sniff girls bums it has got really bad and im getting hard nearly all day in my classes at school what can i do

  • I love it when my wife lets my buds see her **, or nips slips.
    She often falls asleep on the couch or on the carpet when they are over.
    Gets really interesting when she's in those bikini ** or shorty PJ bottoms and her top rides up as she squirms about....
    My two best buds have my full permission to touch her wherever they want.
    I'm never quite sure she is fully asleep - when they are sucking her little teats or feeling her **. Everything has to be done 'gently'! NO one wants her to wake up!
    She says she is asleep - but I think maybe she's just not wanting to admit that she's sort of into the whole thing of being married and being felt up by other guys!
    The next morning at coffee she is always so demure - standing there in those ** they half pulled off the night before!

  • My 26 yr old wife let her best friend's husband dance with her at our apt one evening. They had massive crushes on each other and all of us had been drinking wine.
    I could barely see them as they danced in the dark kitchen.....but he was pushing his tongue down her throat.
    After they left....I asked.
    "He had his hand inside my bikini ** - squeezing my ** as we kissed. I took his hand and put it between my legs (she's wearing thin cotton slacks) to show him how wet he was making me! He made me hold his bare ** in the kitchen!"
    She said he is "very big - but really really curved - that has got to feel really strange inside my friend."
    "Ask her."
    "I plan to!"

  • It's a fine line we walk with women. Take the initiative and be strong and they are attracted. Too much and they cry abuse. I insist my wife be submissive and have shown her some movies like the story of O and the secretary. I recall feeling super nervous the first time I made her wear a really short mini dress in front of friends. Another time a group of us rented a holiday house for a log weekend and we went for a walk and a skinny dip in the evening. After we got out of the water, I stayed naked and insisted she remain naked too. Working up to offering her to one of my mates.

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