deadly body image

Sometimes I wish I would die so I wouldn't have to live another day in this body that isn't mine.

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  • Dave, I want my body back.

  • I don't see anything in that confession about sexual confusion OR being a demon. I see an angsty teenager with daddy issues who is looking for someone to throw them a pity party because the "girl of his dreams" broke up with him for the captain of the football team.

  • ^ WTF?!?
    Wrong gender? Who's talking about gender?

    Obviously, the first comment nailed it.
    Please try to pay attention.

  • Maybe you should have a s** change, do you feel like your the wrong gender?

  • I've been there too.

    As a demon, its important to find the right body to posess before we do it, otherwise we could end up in any body at all.

    Keep in mind the three basic points:

    1. Weight of the human you posess.

    2. Wealth of the human you posess, or at least their social rank.

    3 How well endowed or gifted is the body you posess?

    Keep those three points in mind, and you'll never hate another body that isn't yours!

    -Answering the problems of other demons since 1,000,000,000 BC

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