I am 43, No job-No career-
Homeless NYC-
Full of broken memories, hopes that never happened and a total loser!
There is no getting around it-What would you do?

May 6

Next Confession

I wasn't a stellar student myself but why do schools put up with

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  • 1) sell the device you are using to post to this site. I'm sure you can get some cash.
    2) leave NY for a place with high unemployment
    3) go there and get a job
    4) that's it!

  • I’d turn tricks for money

  • Lol--Not my style-... Too many ** thieves out there-

  • (1) GET OUT OF NYC..NYC is a pit. Forget about hopes. Where is your family? Besides, the most miserable people in the world are the ones who actually make it. Money cant buy happiness.

  • Thanks! I appreciate that! I feel the same way-Money attracts the wrong things in life and people go after the wrong stuff with it-

  • I live in Flushing Queens. I run a Chinese restaurant. I've served thousands of patrons dog meat and rat meat. The stupid whiteoids ne know.

  • You should probably go live in the UK.

  • The UK seems like a reputable place to live-It really does-No passport etc-Too bad I can't "Jonah" it and ride a whale there... they killed them all for the blubber for ink-But yes, the UK is a great place.

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