Well that was fun...

I totally can't post this on FB or even email it to friends. Way too much risk of it getting out with my name on it.

Getting toward the last few weeks of my summer internship at a NYC investment bank. I've been helping out for the last few weeks with this one group and the cute, clearly lonely, senior associate.

While working on a deal book last night around 11 she dropped onto her knees and gave me a b*******. All she does is work so no surprise that she gets off with guys at work. Fairly sure she's done this before so no way I repeat the oral favors. She's smart, but now it makes sense why she had the job she does. I think I've now got something in common with a few senior guys.

After she finished she said she's got a college friend's wedding out of town this weekend and would I like to be her date. Free weekend in Newport and three nights of wild s** likely, tough call.

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  • Tough call? Are you a man? Of course you go with her and f*** her brains out! You don't get many offers like this in life!

  • Amen! go and wreck her c***!!! and enjoy the open bar and free food and more p****...man this is a no brainer.

    Let us know how it went

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