I confess I think that the UK needs to end up underwater-
I think that they believe they run the world-but, don't LOL
The internet police and the spies who are employed to spy are getting their just deserts-
Their "colonial" nation people have come to the US and Canada in droves for exploitive purposes-I hope these colonizers realize they will be ruled over and be full of hatred when they find out-
Dont worry
I hate that ** island of fake promisess as well-

May 6

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  • Firstly, many of us in the UK are deeply ashamed, embarrassed and apologetic for our country's colonial past, but are regrettably unable to rewrite the history of a period decades or even centuries before we were born.
    Yet you clearly despise us all.
    Secondly, the irony of an American lecturing others on global conduct. What an astonishing hypocrisy, coming from a citizen of a nation that continues to interfere in the internal politics of other countries and even invade them if sufficiently paranoid regarding it's own self-interests.
    What an ignorant person you are.

  • We were all "ignorant"... Sometimes, when a land Such as the UK, Usa or any other global tyrant decided whats best for another, the slaves begin to mutter to themselves-... Eventually, it will blow right back in their faces-
    This country is a bit piece of **-I never denied the USA as being home to a peacable way of life-No, Not once-
    But, the bonds that you shackeled us with and the mentality of "Money=freedom" came from you **-Didnt it-?
    The "British" ** LAW is nothing more than a method of theft and murder under the guise of preventing such ** from happening-
    The LAW itself is a few fold-It is a method of "transferring wealth", claiming false promises of happyness etc- You are total TARDS and it would figure you would be a tool to promote it throughout the world-Yes, you-Drinkers of lies-
    There is but 1 thing that keeps a people free-That is, a love for their way of life-That is it-

  • UK Me See Well With My Leedil Eye. Look! Look! I See! I See!

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