I am still remembering a woman from high school I didnt even really know- and dont even care to know! WTF
I died temporarily in high school and truly believe my brain shut off and then somehow engrained what was happening around me at the time and preserved people from the past in my brain then-Not sure if this is possible but yes, it did happen and no-I didnt fully recover back then-People I encountered also acted very odd and somewhat treacherous but I learned a few things about people that are not healthy at all-
People give me a hard time about various things to such as "seeing the future" around me and predicting **-Its getting annoying to me-They have done wrong to me and probably broke a few dozen laws but no one seems to care-I guess they believe the things they were told about me and go there way-There was much drama where I went before showing up somewhere and I guess the gossip wave eminaited from "Friends" that got creative-I even got roofied, filmed someone ** me and no one seemed to care-All they did was comment and that was it-Isnt that terrible? All in all, I recieved the most negative of attention and terrible things happened to me over and over again-Another thing Ill just add-
I truly believe they want me to follow along with some thematic **-I guess I acted treacherously or weird with some but it was to get them away from me-Its really the only defense I had back then-I remember walking around and people pointing their fingers like guns into their mouths as if to say you will commit suicide-So, I guess them doing evil, knowing that people will commit suicide over things that embarress them as well as standing aside like scared useless people the sum total of that is "they collectively decided to kill me yet didn't... but did"-Also, I realized that people are terrible-Terrible everywhere and I mourn their deaths not-I hope they drink and drug themselves silly and have very good med insurance to hasten their death-I do-Sorry-

29 days

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  • I agree, you died and your brain shut off. Could have left it at that.

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