Drunk Barefoot Hamburglar

I took my kids to McDonalds and after ordering Happy Meals some man showed up dressed like the Hamburglar who snatched my son's happy meal box as I gave chase.

The Hamburglar was also barefoot as I chased him into the women's restroom as I could hear other women screaming for him to get the ** out as The Hamburglar went inside a stall and locked the door as I kicked the stall several times but other women in the restroom calmed me down and said to get the Manager to call the Police and I did as I could hear the Hamburglar eating my son's happy meal while sitting on the toilet in McDonalds so I went back into the restaurant to order another on for him.

The manager said they will compensate me for it and will call the Police to apprehend the Hamburglar for stealing my son's Happy Meal.

Then as me and my Family was enjoying a nice lunch, The Hamburglar returned from the Restroom still barefoot and wearing a black and white stripped thong as he then started smelling his ** feet in the middle of McDonalds as I could hear the entire restaurant all outrages at the sight of a grown man smelling his feet inside of a restaurant.

Then he ran towards our table and snatched my son's cheeseburger and then ran out the door with it as I gave chase as I then saw the Hamburglar outside of McDonalds put his foot in my son's cheeseburger, and sucked his toes on my son's cheeseburger as before I could do anything Ronald McDonald ran over the Hamburgler with his car and gave the wink as Ronald McDonald and Grimmace all hauled the Hamburglar into the back of Ronald McDonald's Car nd then drove away hopefully to give the Hamburglar counselling for ruining my son's lunch.

BA DA BA BA BA I'm Hating It

May 11

Next Confession

Did Jesus actually die for our sins or did he just die? Did he e

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  • Move to Texas and get a gun. That don’t happen down here.

  • That’s funny

  • One time my daughter was caught stealing food at McDonalds. So embarrassing

  • Should of used your nuggets as ninja stars and taken them out

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