Did Jesus actually die for our sins or did he just die? Did he e

Being crucified for the sake of humanity seems to be an odd way for the creator of the Universe to atone for the sins of humans.

If God can do anything and if Jesus was God then why not just forgive human sins and skip the torture?

God caused a virgin to give birth to himself so that he could sacrifice himself to himself so that he could modify his own rules doesn't make much sense to me.

May 11

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  • Die? He’s in a suger-induced coma. Snickers were invented in the year 7 AD

  • Why don't human judges just forgive all criminals?

  • Are you suggesting we die for criminals sins?

  • Because God wouldn't be a righteous Judge

  • I agree, there are so many unanswered questions with the concept of god as we know. However, meditation can bring you some satisfaction. You will find all inside. If just wanna debate then you’ll keep on adding one after another.

  • Your arguments definitely don't make sense - agreed!

  • Disagreed it makes plenty of sense.

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