Cheated on my Diet

I have been on Nutrisystem for 2 months and I've lost about 15 pounds. Today I took a friend to work and there's a McDonalds on my way home. I stopped there and got a sausage and egg biscuit meal with hash browns and a diet coke. I feel so bad about it because now I've had so many calories and so much fat in one meal that I have messed up big time. I've only cheated on the diet one other time since I've been on it, and that was McDonald's too - I had a quarter cheese meal with fries a couple weeks ago. I hate when I do this stuff because I am diabetic and it really hurts my health when I cheat. I have no one to encourage me on this diet and no one notices when I do well.

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  • If ever again feel the need to cheat on your diet then, next time, make it worth your while. What I mean is, next time go to a good steak house and get a decent meal. FYI Mc Donald's sells fatty GMO s*** food that tastes horrible. Fast food is just not worth blowing your diet over when better options are available - especially if you're diabetic.

  • Congratulations on your weight loss! That is so huge! Don't beat yourself up about going off NutriSystem. Brush it off and start again. Remember to don't make a bad day worse or make it a bad week. It's just one meal. Add another walk in or eat a light salad. You can tell that you're mindset is changed. Just You say you don't have anyone to encourage you, you may want to look into Weight Watchers. Because after you have lost your weight using Nutrisystem, I don't know how they wean you off or even what your long term goals are. Weight Watchers now has a community feature and it's pretty cool. It puts you in touch with members, I'm surprised that NutriSystem doesn't offer that. It could be beneficial especially when you're looking for support. Keep doing what you're doing - You're awesome!

  • Allow yourself to be human. So what you lapsed. It is okay, you can always resume your diet when you're ready. And when you do you will have more conviction to stay on it because you didn't beat up on yourself for being less than perfect. You're doing well - so start being your own best cheerleader! Be well.

  • No biggee just start back on Nutrisystem. One biscuit isn't going to spoil the whole diet.

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