Fattening wife

We've been married for 10 years. My wife likes me to force feed her so she can gain weight--she's into gaining. Since we've been married, she has gained 258 pounds and now weighs 406 pounds. She is very happy and wants to keep gaining. She isn't even worried about it until she hits 600. Problem is, she has become diabetic, but she won't stop eating. She keeps downing 7000 calories a day. I don't know what to do....

Nov 30, 2016

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  • How is your wife now? Did she finally slow her eating?

  • You know exactly what to do. Keep her stuffed and happy. Am I right?

  • I talked to my wife about gaining and she said “whatever happens happens.” And you know what happened? I gained 70 pounds! She’s gained a little, but is quick to point out that my b****** are now bigger than hers. I don’t know how I got tricked… and now I can’t stop.

  • My little muffin is at 440 lbs now. She isnt actively trying to gain but i still encourage her to eat a little more each time

  • My wife is about 300lb with apron belly . She doesn't hold back on eating and i Iove it .

  • Just let her enjoy life, we are only once. So keep feeding her, let get as fat as she wants, as a husband of a 624lb beauty can testify, fat s** is amazing.

  • My wife has gained 140 pounds since we got married and I love it. She is fat enough and I hope she doesn't gain any more, as I don't want to lose her to diabetes or heart disease.

  • Just let her eat and njoy s******* the huge piggy, fat se x is awesome

  • Oh yeah, I love f****** my 528lb baby and she's getting fatter

  • I also loved f****** my baby when she was 500lbs and she just got fatter. It's even better f****** her now she's 612lbs and still getting even fatter.

  • That's it let her get fatter.

  • Stuff her until she has trouble walking and then f****** her brains out every night. My wife is huge and her t*** are giganitc

  • Hot. She even fatter now?

  • My wife also wants to become morbidly obese, she's only 170 pounds right now but said she wants to be 500 at least. She is a million times happier since she came out to me about her wishes though

  • My wife told me the same thing, I've always had a thing for fat women, but never told a soul, so it was such a release for both of us.after 10 years she now weighs 485lbs and is just so happy and still gaining.

  • Living the dream

  • Let her live the gaining life it makes her happy, big is beautiful

  • Tell your sweetie to have a good time. I have been fat all my life and gain slowly but steadily because I love to overeat. I have been diabetic for 8 years and just ignore it. I have no major symptoms, and have gained 55 pounds in that time with no problems. Doctors get all hysterical sometimes. I mean, as I'm writing this, and working an polishing off an entire package of oreos. LOL!

  • If she wants to gain, keep feeding her. Her happiness matters the most. I have a gf that just eats a lot and has been gaining but not intentionally. When she hit like 285 or so, she suddenly wanted to reach 300 and wanted me to force feed her a box of Sees candies every night along with ice cream. She wanted to reach 300! She's happy now, and just keeps eating.

  • Sounds hot! I mean I bet she's really hot cuz she so fat.

  • You don't know what to do? Please. You know EXACTLY what to do. You just don't have the sack to do it.

  • Sickening

  • And u are corrupted with codependent behavior. :(

  • Bizzarre

  • Tell a doctor or psychiatrist. She's killing herself. Some people like being fat. That's fine but there is a limit. She's going to die. It's a form of suicide. If you don't want to lose your wife get help. She can still be fat but healthy. Find the limit

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