Getting a bit fat

My lovely wife is a gourmet cook, and since we got married 2 years ago, I have gained 37 pounds, as of yesterday. She seems to like my growing belly. Fortunately, she is also packing on the pounds--mainly in her hips and ass. She is looking better and better. She won't tell me how much she has gained, but I am guessing about 30 pounds. I'm so happy that we both seem to like each other fatter. Hope she keeps cooking the incredible meals. Must admit: getting fat without guilt is really fun. Just a bit worried about our health.

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  • There is no bigger 'turn-on' than watching a gorgeous, curvy, slender young woman get soft and round and fat, especially if that woman is my wife. It took ten years and two pregnancies to do it, but my wife doubled her weight for me. She is now more beautiful than ever. I think obesity is sexy. Were it not for the danger of diabetes, I would encourage my wife to gain even more weight.

  • Sounds like the 2 of us. We are also happily getting fat. Oh well.... Enjoy

  • Like kate middleton looked terrible fat in evening gowns. won't punish her for being a puppy mill but notice the cheesey kiddy movies like sherlick gnomes (about as small as they are right, scusss the pun, but hmmm notice its old fats ugly elton pong doing the theme song and we'll see if he is still standing! poofy sicko pedo the germ )

  • ^^^^This is your brain on drugs^^^^

  • You will regret it when the type 2 diabetes kicks in. If she is that good in the kitchen, make something healthy on occasion. Until then, keep pounding her sweet a$$.

  • Each to their own. We restrict our food and keep our whole family skinny. Even meals are typically just a small salad.

  • Let me guess, you live in Fat America.

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