My wife knows but I want more

My wife knows I have a fetish for watching her gain weight, and she is accepting and happy that I do.

But, she views this as a free ride to let go of her worry about how she looks and not fret. Which I sipport fully...


While I adore the 20 pounds she's gained over the past ten years I want and have always wanted her to put the effort into being a fat woman. I hoped the twenty pounds would have been two hundred pounds. I want to come jk e and find her actively forcing herself to eat just to be fatter not just letting what may come. But I can't tell her that because I don't want to force her to be as obese as I want her to be against her will.

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  • She may come around to liking it. My wife struggled with her weight for years, even though I've always loved fat women. She one night told me she'd love to just let go & gain weight. She did & got fatter & fatter. Then she loved being fat & became a feedee. She now weighs 660lbs.

  • Sounds like you are both happy :-)

  • Yes actually we are, she's even fatter now!

  • My wife gained from 115 to 190 in the 30 years we have been married. She does the treadmill 4 days a week to keep heart healthy. She knows I love her big fat ass, belly and arms. She knows I cook for her to keep us happy with her body. My belly is not what I would like and she agrees that I could use a few pounds of male lard.

  • So nice to hear its not just m hubby that likes this all ;-)

  • WOW, you sound so much like us. My husband admitted he liked me bigger after I lost weight following my last pregnancy and physical relationship suffered. When I had hurt feeling and asked him why our love life had become nearly non-existant he finally admitted that he really loved my body when I was heavier from the baby weight and it just was not the same with me skinny. After some thought I decided to try gaining 25 pounds and see how it would be.... OMG it was amazing and "I" wanted to gain more. We got into a bit of erotic feeding (OMG so fun)… He was happy, I was happy and actually loves my bigger body can curves and am well over 200 pounds. I have gotten him to gain some too and he is my Teddy Bear...

  • I'm just amazing to find out there are others like my hubby and I, big smiles

  • On our honeymoon I begged my bride to let herself go and get fat. She did, but it took ten years and two pregnancies. I'm happy to say, she doubled her weight and went from slim with a hourglass figure to soft and obese. Do you have any children yet? Pregnancy is a great time to really permanently put on a lot of weight. As my wife put on weight, I made sure to remind her how beautiful and sexy she looked. I also made sure that she ate a high calory diet. It worked, she doubled her weight to 280 pounds.

  • You sound so much like my hubby :-)

  • You two sound happy like we are and yes my hubby tells me 5-10 times a day how sexy and amazing I look!

    I was surprised how many men flirt with the fatter me... BLUSH. I'm actually shocked with how many men seem to like bigger women.

    I work in a customer facing position and get flirted with more as a BBW in my 40's that I did as a skinny fit 20 year old... who would have thought...

  • Have you made sure the house is stocked with all her favorites??

  • No new confessions for ages?

  • Just let her eat. Make her obese and f @ k her hard

  • Interesting. I'm the opposite. I like skinny. I enjoy restricting my gf food. I'm married but the marriage is dead. I met this girl and before we started going out I told her if ever I found a new wife I would want a new wife to be submissive and obedient and skinny. The acceptance of my instructions to restrict food is as much about devotion to submission as it is to actually losing weight. It's a power trip on my part.

  • How about you restrict your food to the same as you do your GF?

  • I don't have the strength.

  • Only in Fat America

  • I know who you are too but i want tell anyone.

  • Well leave her then or feed your fetish stupidly, but don't break down people over it

  • What a BS story!

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