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I'm an Asian American dating a Japanese man one year older than me. He's studying abroad here in America to be come a pilot, while I'm working and going to school. I know it's not easy that he's in a different country studying aviation in English, and I kind of hate that I understand that. He's working hard to focus on achieving his dream, yet I just feel lonely. I want to be able to talk to him more when I'm home in the evening and call him more often than just the sporadic 1-2 times per month/biweekly/week. I'm extremely happy and I'm always willing to support him in his dream, but I'm just conflicted because I don't want to be selfish and ask him for more of his already little time. Even though I have a packed schedule also, and my own kind of stress, just being with him makes me feel better. I don't know what to feel or do. I don't want to stress him out more by asking him to spend more time with me because I know he's already trying his best. He means a lot to me despite our cultural differences and slight language barrier. I'm so scared of ruining it.

Jun 1

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