I seriously hate you.

I'll never forgive you for taking away my chance at being a father just because of your own stupid mistakes and drug addiction. Especially waiting 4 months after having the abortion to tell me you were even pregnant. That hurt worse than you cheating on me.

I wish you would die already, or at least quit calling me and apologizing. I changed my number for a reason.

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  • like #2 commentor. - women.... DON'T F*** THAT ONE

  • in order to be a good parent it is VERRRRRRRRY important to pick a GOOD mate. this goes for men AND women. if you choose a piece of s*** for a mate then that child will have 1/2 of that DNA also. I CAN NOT STRESS ENOUGH if you choose a bad mate it is your fault! owne it.

  • Serves you right for knocking up a crack w****.

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