Apocalypse now

I get to live through 3 widely-believed "apocalypses" in my life. Two have already happened.

1) Y2K. On New Years 1999/2000 everyone thought the computers would take over the world. People hid out in bunkers, man. Bunkers.

2) May 21st 2011- The Rapture. Enough said.

3) And last, but not least, 2012. I can't ** wait for 2012, because even the people I know who make fun of Y2K and the Rapture still defend the "Mayan Prophecy." Really, you guys? THIS is the apocalypse that's real?

And I can tell my dad all these three stories, he'll say "that's **! those people are crazy!" and then he'll talk to me about the Book of Revalations.

Now, I know we want to take everything on Earth to ** with us, but it's just not going to happen. In fact, scratch that. I don't even think we can destroy ourselves. It would have to be a pretty big nuclear war. We're like cockroaches.

Ok, so we may or may not be able to destroy ourselves. But the world? The world will be fine. There isn't going to be an End of the World. The World was here before we were and it'll be here when we're gone.

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  • No, the world.will end, definitely, but we have no idea when, of corse. The only who shall never end is God.

  • yeah, i don't really think mayans are that accuarate, cause didn't they say the world had alrady ended what, like, three times already?

  • you took the words out of my mouth

  • Mayans:
    1: Hey why did you stop the calender?
    2: No more room.
    1: Hey wouldn't it be funny if some people thought the world would end in 2012 just because we couldn't make it longer.
    2: Yeah, so funny.

  • It is impossible to kill this planet. Kill all humans on it, maybe, but the planet will survive until the real end, when the sun uses up too much of its energy and expands out past the orbit of the Earth. Until then, we will get false prophesies from people from time to time...my real fear is people trying to make one of their prophesies true. There are enough Christians or Muslims on the planet to make this place ** on Earth if either group in large enough numbers says, "Yes, I think we are at the end times."

  • What I mean is that we will kill off so much life on this planet that we can't sustain ourselves on Earth anymore.

  • Agreed mainly. But at the rate we're going, understand that we will kill this planet, and now that a momentum has built up, I doubt it's possible to stop it. So sooner or later we will have to leave the planet unless some freak accident occurs and we all die out.

  • agreed

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