Very odd situation comes to light after my Rabbit died

Timely information means that it was given before it expired. For example your lawn service calls you before you get home to notify that they did not lock the gate to your backyard. It was timely because when you come home your routine is to open the patio door and let the dogs out. If the gate is not secured correctly with the lock your beloved pet could find himself on the outside of the gate on 4th of July or New Years eve flashing fireworks that include a bang confuses rover and he runs off and gets lost. The lawn service timely notified you by contacting you asap with the Information that your gate is not locked. When you get home from work you make sure that gate is locked before you let your pets into the yard through the patio door.
Timely information is an awesome thing. If you were contacted by the lawn service after you arrived home from work and you already opened the patio door that information would be late expired unworthy even worse if rover ran out the gate and was hit by a car it would be ** ** up pointless. It would be a loom and gloom that hangs over the person that did not properly handle the timely information.
Information was given to me two and a half years after my rabbit crossed the rainbow bridge. The person that gave the information had exacto details of the actual day she crossed. It was like they were on my same route detailing places locations and intimate details of the day. This person was a no good piece of ** was very tardy stating Timely Information at a mind blowing gutrenching
expired 2 1/2 years late. Shame on them for being so tardy and late if I had only had such Timely Information within reasonable time as soon as possible as I was on the same route as this person but they failed to be timely. Why would a person offer such information so late ? I guess to mind ** the person literally stick a knife in his eye add sorrow and pain and sadness to person. I feel like a knife stuck in my eye literally and my vision is gone.

Jul 24

Next Confession

I love him so much I don't think I can stand it anymore

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