I dressed up pretty

I know I'm a pretty woman and that there are men who would love to put their hands on me and ravish me. You've been ignoring me. I've been wanting to be touched and I've been trying to touch you and get your attention. It's not like we've been together for years. This is still new and fresh... Don't you want to touch me? I dressed up for you but you just ignored me. I feel stupid for thinking if I just looked cute enough maybe you'd want to... I felt stupid taking the earrings off and taking out my pigtails. I felt like an idiot taking the fishnets off and taking off the dress and the bralette. I just put my pajamas on and crawled into the hammock and cried. I could have done all the work if you wanted me too... I feel like you just don't want me.

Aug 2

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  • Unfortunately, guys always assume that the pretty women are taken. If you want to get a guys attention, touch his arm or cheek. Stand close to him and 'accidentally' press your body against his. Men need very direct hints.

  • You’d give me wood!

  • Us guys don't get hints.

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