I am absolutly boy crazy ... its getting bad.

I am so boy crazy. i had a bf and things were good but we broke up and im happy about that bc he wanted a physical relationship and i didnt. we are still friends.. kinda but whatever i dont care. ever since him i see a boy that i think is cute or hot or just has a wonderful personality and i dont like him but i do if that makes sense. for example this boy ill call him D he is so sweet and calls me his girl and we talk on the phone and its cute i like him but he lives far and is younger then me by 4 years... ya not too good. and this other boy ill call M he is so sweet to me and he said he wants my heart to desire him. well it kinda does desire him but not fully. theres a problem here too hes 8 years older then me im 17 so it would be illegal. i guess part of it is that i feel worthless to guys. most guys now just want s**, but that isnt want a relationship is all about. its hard for me to say no to people and i dont want the guys to use me.how do i fix this problem?! its making me mad bc i cant control it anymore.

Mar 7, 2011

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