My online ex bf of like 4 months ended up catfishing me 💀 lmao

Yeah so like i dated him for a bit.. broke up with him cuz.. he was mad annoying and manipulative.. AND THEN LIKE SUDDENLY HES HELLA JEALOUS OVER MY NEW BF and that like scary as **. so i was like yknow what. lemme ** reverse image search his photos cuz i hate him. AND WHAT DO I SEE? HE WAS PRETENDING TO BE A PINTEREST BOY LMAOAOAOOA so i confronted him, told him how ** up that was, and blocked him. and before u comment.. "omg like why didn't i confirm with him beforehand you so ** stupid" and "did he show his face on call" and "why didn't u reverse image search earlier" CUZ LIKE I ** TRUSTED HIM AND LIKE NOW IM A ** IDIOT. HE DIDNT FEEL A SHRED OF REGRET. yes ik how much of an idiot i am so ya. now i'm very sad at i am no longer qualifying him as a past relationship 💋💋💋 kisses have a great day

Aug 3

Next Confession

Let's see it

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  • I like dumb girls like you; very easy to trick into giving it up.


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