Why i cheat on boys with girls

Men could never understand me the way a girl could. all i want is to be understood and loved truly as a person beyond a girl and no boy could ever understand a girl the way a girl may immediately understand another. boys disappoint me. you love a man and think he is perfect then he says something typical for a boy, something degrading and sexist and scary. i try so hard to understand my boyfriends and i think i do. i ask so many questions, i ask about his childhood and his friends and why and how he does and feels things. he doesnt ask me, he only sees my outside, my physical, my love for him, but it isnt truly deeply returned with the love i desire. boys always disappoint me, and there is always pressure to be perfect for a boy. but with a girl, she sees me as human with flaws, which dont bother her because she understands. women understand. they are kind and pressure-free and better than boyfriends. i always fall for boys but they are never enough, so i turn to infidelity and feel little remorse

Aug 10

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  • I am married to my husband but also have a lesbian SO that lives in our guest room. I'm so lucky my husband is OK with me having to lovers. I think it's because she can't get me pregnant.

  • Your english composition is flawed, no capitalization and punctuation is atrocious. Girl, btw.

  • MFF throuples, best of both worlds.

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