I miss my friend

We used to be so close. calling everyday and then we just kinda fell apart because he hurt me. i was hurt but we were still close and i got over it and we worked it out and then the year ended and we stopped seeing each other. i confessed my deepest secrets in him. he was my support and it just fizzled out. i dreamt about him yesterday and it finally hit me how much i miss him. i miss listening to him talk about random stuff or sitting together on the bus or just playing games and sitting in class. i’m scared to reach out incase i ** stuff up but i care so much about him. i miss our friendship so bad and i’m guilty it’s taken me 2 weeks to realize. i’ve been ignoring the feeling and now it’s overwhelming. i message him saying hi but it’s not the same. we are both equally dry on text but i’m scared to ask to call. i’ll probably never see him again, he’s graduating this year and i’m not, separating us and i promised we would keep in touch and stay friends but it’s not the same. i miss him so much. i’ve never felt this kind of ache before, it’s like a knife in my heart being twisted. i can’t get him off my mind because i keep thinking of how close we got, and how it’s over. i don’t want it be over, i miss it dearly. i miss him

Aug 10

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