Surprise for my husband

I was struggling to find a birthday present for my husband. I asked his best friend what I could get him or had my husband mentioned anything to him that he would like to have. His best friend chuckled and said he’s never told you? I said I guess not how expensive is it. His friend said well actually it’s free but he won’t ask you for it. I said it’s free but he won’t ask for it? I don’t understand. He said do you remember going on vacation and going ** on the beach? I laughed and said yes but that was 10 years ago. He said my husband couldn’t quit talking about how nice I looked on the beach and how he liked watching the other men look at me. I kind of blushed remembering other men looking at me ** on the beach. I asked, so he wants me to go ** on the beach again? His friend said not exactly. I asked well what then? He said my husband told him that ever since that time on the beach he had fantasy’s about me getting naked for him and his friends at a party at our house. I said OMG he has never said anything like that to me. He said and he won’t. He said as much as he fantasizes about it he would never ask me to do it for fear of insulting me or me feeling like he was a pervert. Again I said OMG I can’t believe my husband wants his friends to see me naked. His friend said please don’t be mad at him and you can’t let him know I told you this. I said I still couldn’t believe it. He said maybe I should understand that it was just my husband’s fantasy because he thought I was so pretty he wanted to show me off. I shook my head still in disbelief that my husband had told his best friend that he wanted me naked in front of his friends. His best friend then said look, you are at hottie and He understood the fantasy. I just looked at him. Did he really think I was a hottie? Did other friends of my husband see me that way too? I don’t feel that way about myself. I’m 45 years old, 5’4” and 125 lbs. My ** are med to large but not firm like they used to be when I went ** on the beach. They don’t sag but they definitely bounce around and jiggle when I walk. My husband and I have been married 20 years and he has never been inappropriate with me. I still can’t believe my husband fantasizes about me to his friends. Well, fast forward to his birthday. I invited his closest friends over for a birthday dinner and watch football with my husband. After dinner we had cake and ice cream and my husband and his friends were settled in the living room watching the game. I went into the bedroom put on a thong panty and a short cheerleader skirt. I had shaved myself completely down below before putting them on. It was almost halftime and I took a deep breath and came out to the kitchen and asked if anyone needed a beer. Everyone in the living room said yes. I grabbed four beers and walked into the living room ** in my short skirt. Everyone stopped and stared at my **. They were bouncing back and forth as I delivered the beers to each one of them. I was very nervous and blushing as each of them were getting a close up view of my bare **. My husband took me into the kitchen and said what are you doing? I said I was trying to think of something to get you for your birthday and I remembered how ** you got when I went ** on the beach and other guys were looking. I decided to go ** for you again. I said if you don’t want me too I’ll cover up. He said he loved my pretty ** and always fantasized about others seeing them but thought I would be offended if he asked. I said well this is your birthday and I wanted to make your fantasy come true. He said they told you didn’t they? I smiled and said I don’t know what you are talking about. I said just go back with your friends and enjoy your fantasy. I said who knows what surprises may come. He rejoined his friends and I was scared shitless about doing this but wanted his birthday to be one to remember. I took another deep breath and rejoined them in the living room. I was nervous and very conscious that they were all looking and enjoying my my bare ** and now hard ** too. I guess my ** being hard meant I was maybe enjoying them looking at me too. I tried very hard to act normal and tried very hard to not cover them up and keep them in full view for anyone wanting to see them. They all liked it when I would bring them another beer and they would watch them bounce and jiggle as I walked. By the end of the 3rd quarter of the game I had gotten used to their looking and wasn’t quite as embarrassed and nervous as when I first came out **. I purposely spilt beer on my skirt and said ** thats got to go in the laundry. I went to the laundry room and took off my skirt. I took another deep breath and headed back to the living room. I stopped and looked at myself in the mirror in just my thong. I got scared shitless again knowing that now they were going to see me in just a thong. I couldn’t hide my nervousness when They were all looking me over and I blushed terribly but made an effort to let them see all they could see. In the back of my mind I kept thinking I hope they still think I’m a hottie. When I got a chance I told his best friend that I would come to him when there was two minutes left in the game and he was to take my thong off and I would be naked for them for the rest of the game. I figured I could last two minutes that way. By midway of the fourth quarter I was finally ok with them seeing my body in just my thong. I tried to keep walking around so they could see me from all sides. I got extremely nervous as it got closer to two minutes in the game because I knew I was going to be naked for the last two minutes. When the announcer said we are at the two minute warning his friend called me over to him. He said you are a fine looking woman but we should get these ** off and see what it all looks like. I froze in front of him when he said that. I know I told him to do it but now it was happening. He turned me around facing everyone. I felt a hot surge running through my body and I know I was turning red as I felt my ** sliding down my legs. All I could say was OMG, OMG, OMG as I felt my ** at mid thigh, then at my knees and then My ankles as I stepped out of them. Everyone was hooting and whistling at my naked body and bare **. His friend then reached between my legs to get his beer off the coffee table. This made me spread my feet so he could get his beer. It also gave everyone a look between my legs. I looked at my husband and said Happy Birthday I hope you like your present. I walked over and kissed him. I then turned to the others and said enjoy while you can because I’m getting dressed when the game is over. I brought them all beers and tried to let them look me over as I did. All I could think of was the game would be over soon. With only a few seconds left I stood up to leave the room and the guys started cheering. I said what just happened? They said they just scored and the game was going into overtime. I said WHAT? Instead of going to get dressed I was naked for almost another 30 minutes. I did my best to let everyone see whatever they wanted. I sat on my husband’s lap for a little while and he surprised me and made me blush a couple of times. Once he started fondling my ** in front of everyone. I giggled as they all watched him play with them. Another time he was trying to stroke the inside of my thighs and I was trying to keep my legs together. I whispered to him are you trying to spread my legs? He surprised me by saying you look so hot with your ** shaved I just wanted everyone to see it. I was already naked and they all had pretty much seen everything so I whispered it’s your birthday. I didn’t resist and just tried to relax as my husband gently opened my legs giving everyone full view of my pink lips. I remember thinking OMG as I looked at the guys as they got a good view of my legs open. Finally the game was over and I could get dressed. Before the guys left he had me pose naked with his friends and he took a picture. Each of them gave me a hug before leaving and said I was every bit the hottie my husband said I was. It made this 45 year old feel pretty good. I told my husband I hope you enjoyed your birthday present. He said just one thing would make it complete. I said what’s that? He said promise me you’ll do it again next year. I was scared and nervous but will admit that being naked for my husband and his friends that thought I was a hottie was quite an ego boost. I just might do it again.

Feb 17

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  • That was a hot read. I’d love for my wife to do this with others. 913*358*0838

  • Great story! You're a great wife. Care to share you naked photos?

  • Oh I’m flattered that you want a picture but I would be terrified to send a naked picture to someone I don’t know for fear it would show up on the internet. I would be happy to try to give you a visual in words if you like.

  • I was chatting with some college friends when one of the women, that I knew the least, asked me what I was looking for in a girlfriend. My knee-** response was for a nudist that deep-throats, swallows, takes it in the **.

    Her response was to confirm, "So a ** star then?"

    I said "No, ** stars do it for money and for strangers to see. Mine will do it for me and my friends because she enjoys it herself and wants to make me happy.

    Another woman there said "Good luck with that. You're going to be single forever."

    Another chimed that I was spouting BS as guys say things like that but the moment a woman does anything close to that the guys freak.

    I had just gotten off active duty and my friends and I had been without female companionship for too long. So I defended my position reciting my variation on a long running joke I told in my last unit; What do you say to a hot nudist that deep-throats, swallows and will take it in the ** from you and your mates? Marry me!"

    Two of the women were convinced I was wrong. No guy worth marrying would propose to a woman that did all of that, let alone with his friends too. I had just left a sexless relationship, so I was holding my ground by announcing the first one of them to drill all of my friends, and me, I'd marry.

    Three years later I married the girl in this group that first asked me what I was looking for in a girlfriend that day. She was also the only one that shocked us all by taking up my challenge. That was over thirty years ago. We've mellowed out but we are still happily married.

  • Your husband so lucky.
    I have to force my wife

  • Way to go your a good wife can I get invited to his next birthday PLEASE

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