I love skinny women

Some men are ** men, some like large ** but I am a leg man. I love skinny women with long slim legs. I have looked for that in every woman I have ever dated. My perfect woman is 5’6” and about 110 lbs. some may say that’s too skinny but that’s what I like. I like the hip bones that protrude a little with a flat stomach. Small ** are ok by me. Larger ones are just a bonus because its the legs I like. I also like a shaved **. Some women are ok with that and some aren’t. I like a woman that is confident but not cocky. I like her to be comfortable with her body and not self shaming. Now I will say that I have met a couple women that have had all those assets and they were amazing. One was shy but liked to be looked at by men. She went braless most of the time because she liked the looks she got when her silk shirt would rub against her ** and make them hard and they would poke out in her sulk shirt. She had the long skinny legs I liked and wore short skirts to show them off. She was shy in public but liked men looking at her ** and her legs. She wasn’t self conscious about showing her long legs and when she would sit down in her short skirt she didn’t constantly pull it down or pay much attention to it. If it got shorter and revealed more then so be it. She would occasionally catch someone looking and glance down to see what they were seeing. If her skirt was super short and they were seeing everything she would just smile and let them look. The same if her top was gaping and someone could see a **. She didn’t change positions she just smiled and let them look. If someone made a comment to her about what they saw she would just smile and say thank you. I talked her into going without ** a couple of times in her short skirts. She was shaved and if someone got a peek up her skirt she didn’t cover up. She said she liked being admired. In private she liked role play and sharing fantasies. The other woman I truly cherished was built the same but had super confidence about her body. She dressed ** when we would go out and like the first one liked to be looked at and admired. She on the other hand was a dancer. Her body was toned and she loved showing it. I liked her confidence and truly liked showing her off. She was happy that I was ok with other men looking at her after all she was a dancer in a club. Her and some of her friends were going to another club for an amateur contest. She told me to get some of my friends together and come cheer them on. I got 4 of my friends to come with me and watch. When the woman I was dating was done dancing she came to our table to say hello. I introduced her to everyone. The special part of this was that the contest was being held at a ** club and when she came to our table she hadn’t got dressed yet. She was amazing standing at our table talking to all of us completely naked. She was totally comfortable with everyone looking at her pretty ** and long legs. She too had a shaved ** and didn’t mind the guy’s admiring what she had. When we got together later that night she asked if my friends had a good time. I laughed and said her coming to our table was the highlight of the night. She said she was going to get dressed before coming the table but thought I might like introducing her naked better. I told her I loved showing her off. She smiled and said she was a realist and knew she might not have the body she had forever and liked showing it off so she was going to enjoy it while she could. I loved that confidence. She told me that anytime I wanted to show her off just say so. She enjoyed being shown off and I enjoyed that about her. There were several parties that we went to and if the atmosphere was right I might ask if maybe she would enjoy the party more with less clothing. Some of her dancer friends were usually at these parties and would join her laughing and having fun taking each other’s clothes off. Some times she was just **, sometimes in just a thong and sometimes naked. She was wonderful. One time a few friends came to my house with a new video game to play. My gf showed up and joined in playing the game. One of my friends said this would be more fun if she were naked. She laughed and said you guys just want to see my **. While the guys were playing the game she came and talk to me and I said if you want to leg the guys admire you go ahead. She said do you want to show me off? I said sure. She said how much? I said the guys would love to see your **. She said and you? I laughed and said Im a leg and shaved ** fan. She told the guys that we were going to get some pizza and beer. If they wanted to cough up some money for the pizza and beer she would sell off her clothes for $25 dollars for each piece. They all looked at her and me. She said oh come on I’m only wearing 3 pieces of clothing. $75 dollars got coughed up real quick. We ordered pizza and beer and she got naked. She was so cool about the guys seeing all she had. When the pizza and beers got delivered the guys all dared her to go to the door and get the delivery. She laughed and said you don’t know who you are talking to. She went to the door and took delivery much to the amazement of the delivery guy. This gal was special. So am I the only guy that likes skinny women these days? Do others like a woman that likes to be shown off? Just curious.

Jan 19

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  • You described my wife. I love her and find her extremely attractive. She's 45,5'7" tall and about 105lbs. If you would like some pictures chadwaterson@yahoo.com

  • Fat chicks are better. Bones and hard angular surfaces don't belong on a woman.

  • Same, skinny super model looking girls rock.
    No politically correct chunky models please

  • Finally! Someone admits what most of us are thinking!!! Skinny is so much better, if you can't put your big man hands around her waist and touch your fingers tip to tip, I'm not a fan. Sad, but true. Anorexic bones showing isn't great, but it's better than grabbing rolls trying to find a waist in there.

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