** Co Worker

After working alone in this field I finally got an office space but I needed help in the front office so I decided to get an eye candy for my male clients. I went through some applications and interviews but did not find any that had experience or the looks I was looking for on Friday around 4 pm a female walked into my office she had blonde hair she was also from Malaysia she's also ** like me she had left a couple of top buttons on her blouse undone which showed a good amount of cleavage, and the amazing thing was she had 5 years of office experience so there was no need for me to train her she is so cute I said to my self I was not able to concentrate on her answers anyway I hired her as days passed she did great work she kept my male clients entertained so I can take my time with my work before each meeting, this started after 3 months of her employment after each exhausted day at the office we would close up then sit on the sofa in the waiting room and enjoy a cup of Coffee or Tea and just sit back and talk about pretty much everything and one day we both were wearing a tight low cut top so the conversation turned to ** she asked me if my ** were always this big I told her yes I started wearing training bra when I was nine years old by the time I was in my twenties my bra size was 34DDD which I have to special order each time, and I asked her about her ** she said all through out high school her bra size was 32A which is small size and she was into sports she was the captain of the Soccer team after she graduated high school she got into modeling and had her breast enlarged as we are talking she leaned in and kissed me on my lips and you know what I liked it but I am not a lesbian I like guys and same time this felt good I am saying this to myself as she is kissing me I am so sorry she says and as she is grabbing her purse I grab her hand and said it's okay Alice please sit down don't worry about it are you sure she asked me I reply yes please it's okay now lets close out for the day and I will see you tomorrow I told her as I am driving home I can't get her face out of my mind and how her soft lips felt on mine I am confused what should I do?

22 days

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  • God I can't stop looking at her I hope she does not think I am a creepy person it's just that she is so beautiful

  • Say no to office romance

  • When my wife let her black friend fuck her she had the best orgasm ever & told me she now had a permanent lover. Soon he got her to let his friend fuck her too & she told me she needed both of them. Then I began cleaning her up after they finished & that led to me sucking them. I am now their sissy fag bitch.

  • Last night after work I was wondering if should ask her out? if she says no it is going to be very awkward between us, but for some reason I can't get this woman out of my head

  • Let the working relationship develop. Keep it friendly, complement her work, show her you care and that you value her. If you get along well, you’ll have a strong foundation to go forward. But don’t let lust take over.

  • At the end of the day, it is up to you how you want your life style to be

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