There is no God

You know the more and more I think about it...there is no god ... if there were why would he let the things happen in this world happen...we feel so alone to conjour up something to believe in because we are afriad to be alone...fact is we are...

Religon IS THE reason we have no peace...RELIGION is the reason for THOUSANDS of years man has shed BLOOD for god? WTF I SERIOUSLY doubt if there was a god HE WOULD want that.

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  • god is real go to a church and talk to a paster

  • I so agree with you! There could not be a god who lets this poverty, war, crime exists! And even if there WAS a creator.. he/she doesn't exists anymore. I feel all the religions, rules, mythology etc were created by rulers to gain political success. Basically they made a fool out of everyone and 'hope' being the weakness of mankind others fell for it! People hope that there is someone watching out for them. I know for sure there isn't anyone watching out for me! All that is for real is humanity and compassion.

  • i was raised catholic. im only 15 but ive been through alot and i find that you dont have to believe in god or have a rreligion, but rather a phliosophy along with morals and values that you stick with and live by. you can be a good person but not believe in god.

  • Just look around you.None of what you see could just happen!
    All of it had to be created, thus a CREATOR.
    Never forget, the CREATOR gave man FREEWILL !

    Think about it.

  • God is good. Religion is S***.

  • But god doesn't exist, and religion does.
    we're phuqt.

  • You guys have been TROLLED!!!!

    Very good OP, good troll topic.

  • Nope born and raised Catholic... I JUST dont see it..I dont see the point... religon in general is such a sham

  • Let me guess, you are a liberal.

  • Good for you OP!
    Welcome to reality. : )

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