More of My Poetry for all my fans

grass doesnt grow on streets\nbass, they have no feet\nmass, where people meet\nlass, stay out of the seat\n\nloopy woopy doopy goopy\ndoggies go bark bark bark\nyaaaaaaaaaaaay for meeeeeeeee\n\ncorn, its on the floor\nporn, not on the door\nworn, just like a core\ntorn, right off the lore\n\njumpy rmpy crumpy wumpy\ncats go meow meow meow\nyaaaaaaaaay for yoooooouuuuuuu\n\nsmell, it just like pork\nwell, i am a spork\ngel, its on a fork\nspell, just like the stork\n\nziggy zaggy wiggy waggy\npigs go oink oink oink\nyaaaaaaaaay for sandwiches\n\nsee, all the boats\nbees, not in the moat\ntees, glued to my coat\nfees, made out of notes\n\nwhammy, bammy, zammy, jammy\nfish go swim swim swim\nyaaaaaaay for vintage sweaters\n\npancakes and bobcats and gatorade\nmix them together and what do you get....\n\nTOOTHPASTE\nYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY\n\nthanks to my fans\nyou guys rock\n\nlampposts


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  • Some people don't understand what poetry is. The above commenter is one of those people. Poetry is only a word. There is no specific criteria that writing has to measure up to to be classified as "poetry." If the creator of any written word labels it poetry, then so be it.
    You, the creator, do have a way with words and spinning webs of ideas and illusions. The rhyming and rhythm of your words create a flow of thoughts that is fun and easily digestible.
    Don't fade away.

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