I dunno really.

I’m nineteen; starting University in a matter of weeks. Life has been pure strange. At six I was diagnosed with A.D.D(Attention Deficit Disorder) and with Aspergers Syndrome(on the spectrum of autism), this has affected each and every aspect of my life. From such an age I have had to deal with presenting myself as ‘normal’ to the world. That has worked, to a degree. Recently I far exceeded the terms of my university offer and this, I’m told, is supposed to be me winning the battle against my disabilities. My intellect has always isolated me and I really don’t try hard but success just comes. I stand on the edge of a new adventure; a chapter of my journey that will challenge my social interaction to a level I don’t dare to imagine. I have a medium-sized group of friends; a handful I feel totally at ease with which I love. Backtracking a little; it seems all aspects of my life enhance my isolation. My family are extremely affluent which has had a created very real resentment and/or competition from all I have come across. Also my seasoned vacation (Ski Chalet/Yacht etc) always meaning my stay in my home city has been limited to the very rare occasion or during term time. Stability? Pah. I have a real problem with commitment because I was hurt extremely bad at 16 during a relationship where I was erm...assaulted.
Everything is always so up in the air and it feels plain strange to type this out...

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  • What the f*** are you talking about? Aspergers is no excuse for poor writing.

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