I Cut Therefore I Am

Under a darkened sky streaming with rain I toil through this miserable existence. I am but a p*** who would gladly trade places with an ant. I have collided with a dead end. My only friend is a razor. My heart only beats when it's bleeding. Dyed black hair obscures my vision. Ripped black stockings tangle my legs. My eyeliner outlines a portal to my suffering soul. My only escape is slashing a new line in my freshly scarred skin.

I get sentimental when the voice in my head sings me an old familiar song. Death. Darkness. Betrayal. :D

Jul 8, 2010

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  • wow, you are a very skilled writer. i know how you feel with cutting. im the same way

  • ^This was OP^

  • ^Bullshit, we all know you are. You beg and whine for an emo post, then one shows up, and you get your little wish. F*** off, we all know its you, loser. :( :::::::::::::: Cry loser, its okay to cry over your lame attempt to OP and then comment on yourself. Loser.
    Oh, and learn what irony is a******, you might be surprised.
    Illiterate f***.

  • Ironically, no, I am the first commenter, but alas, I am not the original poster. Sorry, but you fail.

  • ^Do you often comment on your own post, when no one cares at all?

  • Ahh, the sweet lull of crappy emo poetic drivel to ease my mind to sleep. Just what I needed after a long day, as I can now fall sleep, where instead of counting sheep, I count the cuts on an emo's arm.

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