I am very much in love with one of my

I am very much in love with one of my friends from work, but I am married, so these feelings toward my coworker are very inappropriate, of course. My marriage has been going through some rough times, and although it is getting better, I cannot shake my attraction to this other woman.

I have been a pretty lonely guy, despite being married. The famale coworker to whom I am attracted has been virtually the only friend that I have had since I became married. We enjoy having lunch together and talking about everything under the sun. She has also stated that she thinks I am attractive, although I do not think she would ever initiate s** with me since I'm married. (Of course, I would be totally in, but I'm trying to be a good boy) I think that she would definitely be interested in me on a deep level, if I wasn't married. I am reluctant to blow up my marriage at this point, simply because financially it would be too convoluted. Would it be advisable to take the risk anyway and ditch a mediocre but financially stable marriage to pursue this woman? I think she would be interested.

So, basically, I have thoughts of s******* my coworker friend 24/7 and she likely knows about it, as I do unintentionally dote on her when she is around me. The prospects of her p**** wrapped around my c*** has me by the b****. I guess this is just simple evolutionary biology talking, but s***, she has been on my mind for two straight years now and I'd like to either develop the courage to ditch my wife and ask her out or at least stop obsessing about her. Any advice would be appreciated.

Oh, one more thing: she sometimes gloms onto me and we have a great time together, but then I won't hear from her for a week or two. It is like she is totally interested and then not interested at all. Is this just a typical female mind game?

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  • Reading things like this scares teh s*** outta me. . .I hope my man never feels like this about anyone else. I do EVERYTHING in the bedroom, so he would never have a reason to right?

  • About the 'mind games,' what I'm going to guess is that she's flattered and likes you as well, but then catches herself when she's being too clingy or overly enthusiastic, and then tries to distance herself. She's not playing, she just knows that getting in the middle of a marriage only ends with many people getting hurt.

  • Or Keep her in your head but not your life. Stop the games with her. Focus that energy into your wife. Do for your wife what you would do for the coworker and you will have a better relationship than you imaginary one with the co-worker. The wife can again grow more exciting. I know that from expirience, and it got better than my fantacy with the other woman.

  • yeah she just wants your d***. if you f*** up your marrage to go be with her shes gonna change ehr mind. i say dont do it. dont ruin whats going good for you. get her out of your head!

  • i dont know im just 10!!!

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