There's this girl

who I sort of admire, we're both seniors in highschool. We're friendly acquaintances.
She has qualities I find desirable. (I know everyone has these types of deals, but I'm not jealous of her. maybe a little. but I'm going to tell you about it)
She as a gorgeous outside, and inside from what I can see. We have mutual friends, but it seems like she's better at being a person than I am... That sounds pathetic. I'm not depressed.
She only laughs when it's hilarious. She's really affectionate to her close friends, and that makes them closer. She has strong opinions that are usually right. People want her attention because she doesn't just give it to anyone. She's so nice, but she's not going to take s*** from anyone. SHE'S RESPECTED. She has herself together, and her own personal style. If she has something to say she will say it. She's a total goofball. I feel like maybe I should tweak myself to her personality. And I know people will say BE YOU. this is confession post. I will tell you how I feel even if it's NOT PERFECT. I'm a person. what more do you want. I mean, I do like myself, I'm quite the jokster, and I'm not bad looking either. The thing is she's pretty close to one of my close friends and that's the thing that makes me jealous. I know people change over time, but I just want to have really close friends again. Really, if you must, criticize the h*** out of me. I need a wake up call. It's a blur between jealous and being completely confident. I'm 17. which is making me laugh that I'm talking about my little problems. BUT IT'S ON MY MIND LIKE NOTHING ELSE. I've gotten over this whole thing a little more every day, its just a strange feeling. I need opinions.

Jul 8, 2010

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