I stole $132 from my dad.

Eleven years ago when I was 15, in the summer of 98' I started stealing money from my dad. At first I was only taking a few dollars at first, then I started taking a single $20 once in a while. But after two months after repeating the incident too much, I realized that I had stolen $132 total. I didn't have the money to pay him back because I was in school at the time with no job, and the for last eleven years I have been putting it off, and now I have to do what is right and give back what wasn't mine to begin with. I didn't realize about the debt I owed my dad until a few days ago I was mailing my bills and then going to church to make a donation that I remembered what I did a long time ago. Now, I have to make amends and repent for my sins by paying back my father the money I owe him. Today, when I get my monthly check from work in the mail and then deposit it I am going to give back what I took from my dad as well as confess, because it is what I owe after spending all this time keeping it in the shadows and I need to repent for my sins. I hope God will have mercy on me and find it in his almighty heart that I will be forgive me for my sins as I make repentance. Thank you for reading my confession, and I hope that I may be forgiven in time.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Get real ur dad would hav spent it on a h***** forget it

  • I stole money from my parents many times
    I wish I wouldn't

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