i wish i was hardxcore enough to cut myself
but everytime i get to the point of razor on wrist, i get really scared and ashamed of what would happen if i died and what it would do to my family
but i need an emotional release
the pain builds up inside me and i just want to cut so bad but im to afraid to
if anyone else has any emotional release methods, im tired of feeling pain all the time, just give me some advice

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  • ^^ HAHAHAHA!!!!!
    Better yet, have someone hold a pillow over your face for a very, very long time.
    For realz.

  • I completely undersand if by hardcore you mean dumbass.

  • scream into a pillow when no one is home.
    For realz.

  • i was going to leave helpful adivce but then i saw you spelled "hardcore" with an undeeded, stupid "x".

  • They way to be hardcore is fighting the demon that gives you the urge to cut

  • i listen to music when im feeling depressed. it usually makes you feel so much better

  • try yoga. I just got a wii FIT, and i thought the yoga crap would be stupid, but it really does help me relax and release stress. The deep breathing is the best. It almost gives you a feeling of euphoria or something I can't really explain

  • cutting is not hardore, it's the sissy way out. It's not really dealing with the pain at all. I used to do it. Seeing the blood put me in some kind of high state. Now all I have are scars, and 15 yrs later, I'm still on medication for depression and anxiety. Cutting doesn't help, just really makes things worse. And if poeple see it, they don't think you're a cutter ususally. They mostly think you tried to kill yourself

  • Start a journal, on livejournal.com or blogher.com or something. It sounds silly to write a journal, but it really does help.

  • I used to cut myself. I quit about 10 yrs ago, and I still have the scars. I'm embarrassed to wear short sleeve shirts now because some of the scars are so bad. Sometimes people will see them and they just look at me, never ask what happened. I would lie if they did ask, but it still embarrasses me now, even though I'm in my late 20's

  • Excersize! Cutting is not hardcore, it is actually really p**** s*** to cut yourself.

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