alot of the girls at my school envy me

alot of the girls at my school envy me because they think my life is perfect and i am gorgeous, and i dont have alot of girl friends because of it. but the truth is my life couldnt get worse; i hate myself
i think i am OBESE
i have no friends
i think i am the ugliest piece of s*** on earth
i want to die. but i somehow manage to pull it off

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  • maybe you're just ugly and fat and cant admit it. maybe the ppl really hate you not cause your "gorgeous" but cause you fat ugly and retarded.

  • Go online and find someone to talk to!
    It helps! I did that and now people talk to me

  • Agree with alot of these comments.
    You're not an airbrushed, photoshoped model, as much as one might wish to be. Most guys wont even live up to those expectations.
    You need someone to talk to.

  • Are you as fat as a anorexic who cant stop coughing up blood cause her throat is stripped from her bile?
    do you have as many friends as the biggest nerd at school who has to give people cds to have them come around?
    are you as ugly that you have to wear a scarf aound your face to hide the burn marks from the car accident?
    do you want to die as bad as my 4 year old sister who has lukemia, and doesnt understand why she cant stay with Muffy the rabbit and mum and me?
    I hope you can pull it off.
    Cause there are so many who cant.

  • Stop watching television, reading magazines, and comparing yourself to other girls. This is a waste of time and it does more harm than good.
    I know how you feel, and my guess is that you probably give off clues that you are insecure, those who know you best may be more aware of it than you realize. Maybe you could talk to someone you respect and tell them what you said here.
    It gets tiring to keep up a facade all the time simply to impress people... and it isn't winning you any friends... maybe you could start by not being afraid to make mistakes at school, for just one day try not to worry about other's judgments of you, and make this a long-term goal for yourself.
    One thing you need to learn is how to be independent of the good opinion of others... work on this.

  • i know how u feel about everybody always telling how much they envy u, i just want to sock them when they tell me that. and i bet ur pretty cuz if u werent u wouldnt call urself ugly.ugly ppl never admit it, they think they are pretty. so dont listen to what ppl say and just be ur self. and who cares about those ppl anyway and what they say. and u might feel that way because u dont have someone to trust yet. my advice - be urself and dont think about ur appearance ur only as pretty as u act

  • considering what you wrote here it's no wonder you dont have any friends depressed much? go to the doctor and get some mood altering drug you'll feel better, and have more friends.

  • I went to school with girls like you trust me nobody thinks your perfect or gorgeous. You try to act that way and so guess what they dont want to be your friend. Start looking for the good in others and maybe you will stop concentrating on yourself so much.

  • Take the time to do the things you know are right. Enjoy the things that are good about yourself. Others will come who appreciate you when you learn to appreciate yourself. Prettiest, most perfect, will matter not so much. Large quantities of friends can vanish quickly. Quality friends come with confidence, and can last a lifetime.

  • dont fret about whos not talking to you. just be happy. people will come to you.

  • I dont think the reason you dont have friends is because they think your life is perfect and your gorgeous...maybe because you treat them like you think you are as a defense...get over yourself and try to make friends maybe you will start to feel better about yourself

  • nah, I bet you perfect. just look for someone who can appriciate that. if not school or somewhere

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