i don't believe you

I don't believe anything you say. And that's why I don't want to be with you. You don't think it's lying just because you 'just don't tell somebody about something'. Really? Then I guess when SHE wasn't telling you about banging you're buddy, she wasn't lying to your face all year about you being the 'only one she ever wanted' then, right? Yet, you're p***** at her. How come? By your definition, she wasn't lying- she just didn't tell you about it.

Look, slick. I don't need the hassle, I don't need the worry. Why would I? Even if you decide to start being honest about everything, you've been such a scheming pile of s*** for so long ain't NOBODY gonna believe you. You could be on fire, TELL people you're on fire and people STILL won't believe you. You're a conniving cheat artist is what I think. A narcissist. A borderline sociopath. You have no empathy. You only know what YOU want AND- you're also a great big child. You have the coping skills of a two year old. You think that 'might makes right' and the minute you don't get your way, you throw a titty fit and go s**** around- just like you did on her. And Tonya when you were with her.

No way- uh uh, No thanks. There's nothing about you that is worth my sanity. I know that's probably foreign to you- after all, you've had a lifetime of people kowtowing to you and covering you're ass. But I don't give in to terrorist demands, babe. One is NOT the loneliest number and I'd rather be alone than in bad company.

Oh- and for the record. You ARE an a******. No one wants to tell you but you are. In those quiet moments when you admit it out loud? It would be great if you could keep that lucidity for longer periods of time. Your life may improve just a little. As opposed to this current trainwreck you call an existence.

God, when this situation is over, I am SO going to pretend you never existed. And dude, with the s*** you've pulled, you're going to make that task ultra f****** easy.

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  • They should impeach obama he is going to ruin america

  • So true. Barack is an a******.

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