It was parents weekend at my university

It was parents weekend at my university last October, so my mom came up to see me. My fraternity had a party, where many of us and our parents got very trashed. I started making out with someone's mom in a dark corner and after a while I led her upstairs to my room and had s** with her in front of my webcam. I was so drunk i didn't even use a condom. After drinking some more, we did it again. We then passed out in my bed. When I woke up the next morning she was still passed out naked next to me but not facing me. I got up to see her face and realized that she was my mother! I was so drunk that I had unprotected s** twice with my own mother! I vomited all over my floor! Talk about the worst morning after ever! Things were very awkward between us for the rest of that trip, and I haven't gone back to visit her yet (yeah, about 6 months later). I don't know if I can ever see her again after that! Thank God she didn't get pregnant! I also have completely given up alcohol. I can't just forget about it, but I don't want to never see her again, because we were always pretty close. We used to have a great relationship. We've talked over the phone and she's forgiven me, and agreed that neither of us was at fault, but I just can't get over it. Any time I think of her face, I think of waking up next to her naked. She hasn't told my dad (who was sick and stayed home for that trip). What should I do?

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  • what happened to your dad? Have you ever wondered what it was that was keeping your father and mother together long enough to have you? AND YOUR MOTHER IS RUINING IT. To be frank, its not your fault really, but your mother's fault for getting out of hand like that and not leaving it at that, and for not stopping

    the only reason why I'm being serious when I think this is a fake, is because I hate it when people say it's fake when it might not be. You could be telling the truth, or you could not. Anything after that, gets complicated

    and by the sounds of the last few sentences in your update, you have a serious case of puppy love...

    btw, who will be able to handle this if it gets out of control?

  • what happened to your dad? Have you ever wondered what it was that was keeping your father and mother together long enough to have you? AND YOUR MOTHER IS RUINING IT. To be frank, its not your fault really, but your mother's fault for getting out of hand like that and not leaving it at that, and for carrying it on

    and by the sounds of the last few sentences in your update, you have a serious case of puppy love...

    who will be able to handle this if it gets out of control?

  • Why didn't you do your daddy and your dog too for " dessert"? You are a sick f*** and you need your head examined.

  • POST THE WEB-CAM SHOTS!! and eh? too drunk to recognise ur own mother but still able to get erections even after "10 shots in 15 mins" i wish you were my son......


  • we now know why your country has f***** the world up, its full of f****** stupid arseholes like you!
    god bless america, yeah you need it

  • H*** with it, f*** her again she must have liked it and you clearly need the attention to. Think about next christmas

  • Keep it on caz life comes once and enjoy it to the brim. if u like each others and u are not objecting, who are the others to object? Don't be worried.

  • oh! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat.

  • this is obviously a LIE. Alcohol can sometimes help you make unwise decisions but it's not going to make you so drunk that you don't recognize your own mother. Get a life

  • LIES! totally write a novel dude

  • hahahahahhahaahhaahahahaha

  • haha. again; this reminds me of that other guy who wrote a story about f****** his mom. in fact, i think you are the same guy. obviously, you have a weird obsession with your mom... or you just think its funny as f*** to freak people out. i believe its the latter. enjoy the comments [: i'm sure you do.

  • Yeah, definitely bullshit. In the confession, you tried to play it off like you were so disguisted, but really, this is your fantasy. You are f****** sick, please kill yourself today!


  • To the commenter who said brokeback university, that made me pee myself lolol hilarious. And this story is such a lie, makes you wonder how much of a loser this person is.

  • I'm the mother of the original poster. In addition to the details that my son wrote about, he forgot to add that Santa Claus formed a threesome with us. While Santa was calling me "ho ho ho", Elvis came into our heartbreak hotel and began gyrating his hips, if you know what I mean. Then John F. Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe came out of the washroom, telling us to quiet down since they couldn't concentrate on their discussion about politics. Lindsay Lohan came in all sober and Martin Lawrence came in using clean language. Oh, what a night to remember!

  • What's up Aesop? lol

  • yeah or LIAR

  • Only one word is needed here.......LOSER

  • I think it's quite comical that this sick ass m*** has nothing better to do than make up BS least make the BS half believable! I also spoke with your mother, and she does not appreciate you including her in your fables. Well, I have actual real life things to go do so...well maybe I'll go F*** MY MOM FIRST!!!!!

  • its sad that you would waste your time and life making up such lies

  • This is such a pile of Sh**! I dont believe for one second that DRUNK you didnt recognize your own mother, and then that you actually did it again and again!!! You my friend are gonna be a great screenwriter someday!! Hope you know if this is true you are both going to "H***"! How does it feel knowing that you have condemned your Mother to torture for all eternity!!!

  • didn't i say this story was crap?

  • This is the author. For anyone interested in hearing an update on this story, here it is. I still have yet to return home (I am working in my college town). My mom showed up at my apartment unannounced last Friday. I sheepeishly said hi and hugged her. I really had missed her a lot. We talked for a while, had dinner, and then after dinner she asked if anyone else knew. I told her that no one else did (my fraternity brothers were all too drunk to remember seeing us), but I hadn't yet deleted the video from my computer. She asked me if I had ever seen it, which I told her no, but that morbid curiosity prevented me from actually deleting it. She suggested that we watch it as a way of exorcising the experience from our past. So I started it. The video started with me ripping off her clothes and then mine, and then doing her doggystyle, so we can't see each others faces. In a sick way it was funny watching me pound it into her, both of us moaning with intense pleasure. We orgasmed simultaneously as I buried my c*** inside of her and blew my load. Then I got a bottle of vodka, and we did about 10 shots a piece over about 15 minutes. Then I climbed on top of her and did her again. She had another very loud o***** and I followed about a minute later. We then passed out on my bed. I stopped the video playback and we just kind of stared at each other. Watching myself having s** with her on the video actually did not disgust me at all. Since I knew I had already done it, watching myself do it wasn't bad at all. Since the taboo had already been broken, I found myself thinking about having s** with her again. She was blushing, so I put my hand on her back and said that I was sorry to have taken advantage of her. She replied that she was sorry for embarrassing me. We hugged and I kissed her square on the lips. She responded with a tongue down my throat. Before we knew it there we were having unprotected s** again. We had s** 5 more times that weekend before she left yesterday. I am still amazed at the whole thing, but I'm positively giddy! I love my mom and she loves me, and now I we have taken our relationship to a whole new level. I know society says it's wrong, but it doesn't feel wrong to me! It's amazing that one night of drunkenness could change my life for the better by opening up a whole new world of s** with my mother. I just had to post it somewhere, becuase I can't tell anyone since it is illegal, but I am not ashamed. I am having s** with my own mother and I love it!

  • Lier

  • it dosent matter how drunk u were u still know its your mum...
    u loved it u sick f***......

  • my name is ryan P email me and we can discuss this. Really would love to do your mum too

  • Theres a Ben J that wants to be rooted...Also a Ben C...
    DO THEM.....

  • Do your dad too so he doesn't feel left out

  • brokeback unversity lol

  • yeah you and your q**** friend should go to gay unversity and butt f*** each other

  • One of my friends went to a university in Virginia and said that parents often got trashed on parents weekend. He said that every so often a parent & student would have s**, but he never heard of a dude getting it on with HIS OWN mother - just someone elses!

  • This stroy is such crap and i did say story this ain't no damn confession. parents got trashed at a frat party I'm so sure where do you go redneck university? is your state flag 3 white guys hanging a black guy? If it smells like s*** it is s***

  • ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  • i wish i could've traded places with you


  • Oh my god! I have never heard of a sicker thing in my life im going to have to stop reading these confessions. I hope you were adopted. Your mother is sick and I cant believe she has said she forgives YOU! I am a mother and I would have went home and put a bullet in my head. You need professional counseling. Please get help I dont know how anyone can ever get over this, or how you could ever see her again. Im feel so sorry for you. Good Luck

  • dont listen to those guys..... They probably m********* every night. you should go and,.... wait! why are u f****** asking for help?

  • A bullet is only 20c. Do us a favour. The world needs less people like you.

  • thats wrong

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