Forgotten Mist- an EEnE fanfic- chapter 8

NOTE: THIS IS CHAPTER 8 OF MY STORY, IT IS ADVISED THAT YOU READ THE PREVIOUS CHAPTERS TO UNDERSTAND WHAT IS GOING ON. Just search for "forgotten mist" in the confession post search to see all previous chapters.

“Ed, are you sure you’re taking back everything you said?” I asked him. “About wanting to replace Eddy!?”

Edd nodded. “Yup, because I realized that it really hurt you, and I don’t want to see you hurt. Plus you had some really strong words to say about what I said, and they really changed me, cause I realized I can never be like Eddy,”

“Ok good,” I said. “I guess I can still like you, then,”

Then we started kissing under the moonlight. When suddenly, someone slapped my butt!

“Eww Edd, you know what I said about anti-women men!!” I growled at him.

“Umm that wasn’t me,” he said.

I turned around and saw who it really was. It was-

“Kevin!!!” Edd said through clenched teeth.

Kevin was about 71 now, he was very muscular like a jock but he grew his red hair out long, and he was in Peachcreek highschool like the others. He got rid of his hat and wore very loose, hippyish clothes and sunglasses.

“Hey Double D, who’s this fine lady??” He asked, winking.

“Ugh,” I rolled my eyes. “what a dork, you aren’t even good enough for me,”

“I remember when I used to call everyone a dork,” Kevin said. “But I’ve changed. I’m a pacifist now, baby”

“If your such a nice guy then why are you trying to take my girl!!??” Double D growled, clutching me protectively. I blushed.

“No need to get like that, Edd,” I giggled innocently. “Kevin is no threat to us, even if he is kind of cute,”

“WHAT!!” they both shouted at me, shocked.

I gasped and covered my mouth and blushed. “Whoops, I didn’t just say that!!”

Kevin blushed and got closer to me. “Hey I’m having a party tomorrow, you’re invited. I’ll introduce you to all the cool people,”

“Ooh ok!” I said excitedly, but Edd groaned and nudged me. “Ok geez Edd! Fine, I won’t go!”

I was getting really angry so I took a deep breath and stormed off, back to my house, my eyes tearing up.

“That girl is really something,” Kevin said.

“I know,” Double D said angrily. “And you can’t f****** have her,”

“Why not???” Kevin asked.

“Because we’ve been through so much together!! I’ve slept with her and labled her and everything! She even resurrected my friend! So back the f*** off,” Edd said angrily, growling.

“We’ll see who the best man is,” Kevin said grinning. “I’ll see you at the party!”

“Ok fine I’ll go, you p****,” Edd said, storming off to his house. “Tomorrow at 6??”

“Eastern standard time!!” Kevin shouted at him.


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  • It's a well written mary sue, I think

  • ^ So did your mom, while i f***** her.

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