I'm going to take his virginity...

We've already been very close to it. We were making out, and I ended up naked and on top of him, but he was still mostly dressed and we had time to think and decided it wasn't the right place or time (staying at a friends house).

He has also has dropped the L word on me and I think he really means it...I really like this guy... I think I love him. He's ten years older than me and still a virgin. I'm actually very exited and honored that he has expressed a desire to have s** with me, and happy to be his first.

My problem is that I am divorced (was married young, at the age of twenty, divorced at twenty five) and this guy has never had any kind of sexual experience. I don't want to mess up, and make it weird, or make him feel like he's not special, because he totally is. He's already self conscious that there is something wrong with him for waiting for so long (trust me there isn't, he's attractive, has a nice p****, and is a great kisser... Just very shy around girls and socially awkward to an extreme... For whatever reason, he has become comfortable with me, and I'm not complaining. I'm so glad we connected.)

Is it weird for the younger female to have more experience than the older male in the relationship? Anything I should do to make this special/meaningful to him and fulfill whatever expectations he has? How could I make it best for him when he is extremely shy and awkward to begin with??


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  • Just be patient with him as he might be uptight and tense which might make him struggle to get an erection and cause him to become self conscious. He'll need to learn to be relaxed and that it's a warm and safe environment.

    Subtly tell him that there are no expectations on your side and that he must just relax and enjoy and even laugh. Let nature take its course with him and not to think he has to follow any norms the media might make him think he has to follow.

  • When I was 21 and my gf was 18. I was a virgin, and she had lots of s**, some with people she should not have. I loved her.. and she always wanted to have s** with me but I wanted to be the nice guy who showed her love was more than about s**. But in the end she broke up with me because there was no s**. Go ahead and do it, you are doing it for the right reasons.

  • Not weird at all, my ex had about four partners before we were together - I was older, and a virgin.

    Unfortunately she was also immature, she got disappointed that I finished quickly on my first time and so ended up getting off (had been on top), then laid down and turned her back on me. A fantastic first time, as you can imagine...

    So yeah do anything except that! Be encouraging, forgiving of anything that goes wrong, and I'm sure you'll be fine. :-)

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