Forgotten Mist- an EEnE fanfic- chapter 20

NOTE: THIS IS CHAPTER 20 OF MY STORY, IT IS ADVISED THAT YOU RIP YOUR EYES OUT IF YOU HAVE READ THE PREVIOUS CHAPTERS TO UNDERSTAND THAT NOTHING IS GOING ON. Just search for "s***" in the confession post search to see all previous chapters. [NOTE: Some of you will know the trolls mentioned, others of you should look into the past of this website to understand some of the references.]

The professor scratched his chin, his expression one of confusion.

"Tree cry cat car climb dog."

Mist turned on Jake.

"He's a genius? Jake he's some stupid crackhead or something!"

Jake's static laugh came through again.

"He's a genius alright, we found out from his posts. In the future we cracked the code of his language and discovered his mind is so much more advanced. For some reason he can only express himself like this."

The Professor nodded, a brief look of sorrow crossed his features.

"Cat say bird." The professor nodded knowingly.

Jake pointed at the professor, and a small device rose from his suit.

"I'm sorry professor, this is the only way I can take you back."

The professor screamed as a beam of light enveloped him, his body disappearing in a million sparks.

Mist screamed.

"You killed him!"

"No! I broke him down into his molecular parts. A computer in my suit will keep his physical form in its memory. We'll reconstruct him when we get back."

Mist was about to argue, but she felt a little weak. The piece of cloth covering her wound was stained red.

"Jake, I think I'm bleeding bad."

"Don't worry Mist, I can help you. The man who runs this asylum, he is from my time too. We exiled him to your time, for his hatred of different people. I hope I can plead with him to help us."

"Jake, why do you wear that suit?"

"I can't survive in your atmosphere, I've relied on GNUTs for so long that my immune system is weak. We destroyed all viruses in my time, all forms of harmful bacteria as well."

"It sounds like a paradise. This guy that runs this place, do you know him?"

"Very well Mist. Me and Hank- I mean Doctor Drakethorn, we were........close."

Mist nodded, her eyes rolling back in her head.


Mist fell to the floor, her skin pale.

Jake dragged her closer to the fireplace, hoping the warmth could help her to hang on. After doing what he could, Jake left the room, closing the door behind him.

"Come on Hank, I need your help!"


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  • I'm thinking comment #1 is written by a certain jealous troll......

  • ^^Agree, still not bad though. I'm gonna laugh if Jake and Hank are "close" like I think he means. I like the gnut healing jokes though.

  • Still at least it has a decent plot, unlike a certain other someone...

  • U need to go back to the funny :(

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