Forgotten Mist- an EEnE fanfic- chapter 18

NOTE: THIS IS CHAPTER 18 OF MY STORY, IT IS ADVISED THAT YOU RIP YOUR EYES OUT IF YOU HAVE READ THE PREVIOUS CHAPTERS TO UNDERSTAND THAT NOTHING IS GOING ON. Just search for "s***" in the confession post search to see all previous chapters. [NOTE: Some of you will know the trolls mentioned, others of you should look into the past of this website to understand some of the references.]

Forgotten Mist lay there, her mind reeling. This couldn't be happening, people don't appear out of thin air.

"Di is dust a deam fum de painkillers, ooh ahn't real!" She felt slightly embarrased about her speech, but tried to speak slowly so her broken nose would'nt make her completely incomprehensible.

A sound came from the speakers, like static. After a moment she figured out that the strange noise was laughter.

"Look Mist, you can lay there wondering if all of this is a dream, or you can come with me. I know the answers to your questions, like who shot you, and why."

"Dust ell me dow!" She hissed in pain, her injuries starting to tire her out.

Jake walked towards her, pulling out a small glass vial filled with purple liquid. Breaking it, the liquid splashed on her, and immediately began to seep into her skin.

Mist screamed as her body felt like it was on fire, then after a moment she felt almost normal, better than normal.

"What was that, how did it make me feel better?" Her nose had been fixed, and the bullet wound had disappeared.

"It was a healing device, Genetic Nanotech Uber Therapy, GNUT for short. I only had the one. I hated to use it so soon, but I need you healthy."

Mist looked at her parents, thinking they would have something to say. Jake looked over at them as well.

"Time stasis, they'll stay frozen till you get back. We need to go!" Taking her arm, Jake pressed a few buttons on the front of his suit, and the flash of light appeared again."

Mist blinked her eyes, dots of green everywhere. The brightly lit hospital room had been replaced by a quiet moonlit dirt road.

"Where are we?" Mist looked around, the noises of nature making her nervous.

"Drakethorn Asylum. Two of the trolls we need are in there, one is the head of the asylum, the other is the most brilliant mind of this time, his theory of infinite space helps to create the first Dreadnaught starship."

"Why do you need me? I'm not a genius, I can't do anything special."

"Because Mist, like me, like the others, you're a troll. Now lets get in there."


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  • ^^^This story rocks! This on I actually want to know the ending. This one doesn't make my eyes water, neither.

  • ^I like it too! I think Mist is a cool name!

  • I liek Mist better...

    Good work! ^_~ My fav 'fan'fiction at the moment, keep it up...

  • ^Wow, children get so jealous.

  • Sounds like another storyteller is a little jealous.

  • This isn't bad, I mean its just on here, its not some classic, but I like it. Hurry up with the trolls in it.

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