Forgotten Mist- an EEnE fanfic- chapter 19

NOTE: THIS IS CHAPTER 19 OF MY STORY, IT IS ADVISED THAT YOU RIP YOUR EYES OUT IF YOU HAVE READ THE PREVIOUS CHAPTERS TO UNDERSTAND THAT NOTHING IS GOING ON. Just search for "s***" in the confession post search to see all previous chapters. [NOTE: Some of you will know the trolls mentioned, others of you should look into the past of this website to understand some of the references.]

Mist's expression was one of complete natural ignorance.

"I'm not a troll! Dammit, how can you call me a troll?"

Jake turned to face her, his strange helmet revealing no expression.

The burst of static laughter was loud.

"Not a troll? Little Mist, do you really believe that?"

Mist stamped her foot and crossed her arms, looking like nothing else than a petulant child.

"Lets just find your stupid trolls!" Stomping angrily away, Mist trekked up the path to Drakethorn Asylum.

As she grew closer to the ominous building her steps slowed.

The building had been constructed of black marble, giving it a strange glow by the moonlight. Gargoyles decorated the whole of the building, each one of the carvings holding a hellish glow in its eyes.

"I-I don't like how this p-place looks," Mist stuttered through clenched teeth, "d-do I have t-to go in?"

Jake said nothing. Walking to the door he turned the k***, and the door opened.

"He's expecting us." Jake's voice was grim.


"The man who controls this asylum, the second troll. Come on lets look for the scientist."

Slowly they crept inside, the wooden floors of the interior creaking with each step.

The building was poorly lit, and more than once the hallways curved into dead ends.

"Did you hear that?" Jake's voice hissed through the suit.

"What was it?"

Before Jake could answer, a strange figure walked around one of the corners.

Stepping into the light, the figure was robed, its hood covering its strangely shaped head. A belt around its waist held a ring of keys.

Before it could react, Jake pulled out a strange gun and fired.

Sparks flew from the figure as it tumbled to the ground. Grabbing the ring of keys and Mist's arm, Jake ran down the corridor.

"You killed him!" Mist looked ready to run. Jake turned to face her.

"A robot Mist, nothing more. Lets get going."

For what felt like hours they walked through the corridors.

"There!" Jake pointed to a door at the end of a hallway. A strange orange glow emanated from the bottom of the door.

Another robed figure appeared, moving faster than the previous one. from one of its sleeves came a bolt of red energy, missing Jake but cutting into Mist's arm.

"Jake!" She screamed in pain.

Quickly Jake fired two bursts of energy, and just as quickly the robot fell.

"My arm, it hurts really bad! Can't you use one of those glass things again?"

"I was only allowed to have one GNUT," Jake's voice sounded frustrated, "Without any GNUTS, I can't help you."

Ripping a piece of fabric from the robot's robe, Mist tied it around her arm.

"Let's open that door." Mist said, trying to ignore the pain.

It took a little while till they found the key that fit. Unlocking the door they walked into the orange glow.

"Professor?" Jakes static voice echoed in the room. A figure in a chair across the room stood. Dropping a book onto the floor, the figure approached them.

He seemed to be an old man, his expression still sharp, his eyes taking everything in.

"Bird say cat tell dog try car?" The Professor asked.

"What the f***?" Mist said.


Jul 8, 2010

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  • ^ Please keep this story going, I really do like it.

  • Woo! I've been waiting 4 this chapter. ^^

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