the worst bf ever

I f****** hate my ex bf, that piece of s***, son of a b****. he was always self-centered, selfish, loud, and pissy. I think he was the biggest cause of my depression. I feel so much better after we broke up. I feel so free and I feel much happier. honestly, I wish I hadn't met him and gone out with him like I didn't know his existence, but I think I have learned something from the experience and besides it's finally over now so I guess it's okay. No one can go back in time and I can get over it. But I wish he suffers from something painful like he did to me but I don't have control on that and I'm not gonna waste my energy for that. I use my energy to improve myself and I'll succeed in my career and find the great man one day and I'll be happily married. That is my revenge for the m***********. I'll beat the s*** out of the douchebag. Look forward to that, B****!

Jul 8, 2010

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