In the shower

im a girl- i lay down in the shower and water hits a certain part of my body- it keeps hitting it until I finally pull away- WHy do i do that- is it to relieve stress and did anybody know that about the water hitting (well u know the rest)

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  • OMG! No, princess! You're the first girl EVER to discover that high-pressure water is a way to get off!!!!! You're like SO amazing!!!!!

    ...Yes. We knew. We have known for generations. You are not special.


  • You think THAT'S something. Just wait until you feel a tongue down there, sweetheart.

  • I would have to say i do it because of stress- like it's a fight and thats the only thing i can win

  • there is NO god so go ahead and touch yourself. no body can drive a car like it's owner!

  • well it can be many things like masterbating, or if you are stressed, and many other things

  • Praying can be the passive-aggressive way to condemn what you do not like. It is just an opinion, but thinking it is backed by a religious entity who harmonizes with the person who prays, whatever issue it is. This also leads the person who pray to think of them as a moral elitist.

    Or it can be sympathy and hope for the best for the subject.

  • Jesus is a zombie. Well, with his buddy Lazarus, depending on how you interpret it.

    What the h*** (he he) do they care if you stimulate a central gathering of nerves which cause a cascade of nerve impulses, muscle contractions, and hormone release. Naturally this is a three-fold function of the body. Relieves stress. Maintains the sexual reproductive track (use it or lose it). Reproduction.

    Around the age of Jesus, they had NO real knowledge of physiology or true understanding of the systems of the body. So are they doctors? Why do they think they can give out health advice? Why the f*** should we pray? It can not change the body, except to harm it.I wouldn't call that a sin (harming the body), but it is bad for you.

    You have the liberty to do what you want knowing that your actions are bound by the rule of law. Praying is doing nothing while pretending to do something. Lazy hopeful daydreaming. You are fooling yourself, but with the best intentions. Perhaps focusing on sympathy and empathy, and take action on those feeling. But do not just sit there and pretend that you are helping.

    OP: This is probably the most common way that young girls explore their body and the idea of self-pleasure. Welcome to puberty.

  • h*** if prayer could make me feel like an o***** does , i reckon id be a monk by now ...

  • HAIL JEEEEEEEBUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!

    Prayer: Doing absolutely nothing and thinking you're helping.

  • They call it masturbation. Don't worry it's healthy

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