Daddy says oral s** isnt real s** so its ok to do it as much as I want. I suck lots of boys but only my bf gets to stick it in me cause he also licks my p****. Dad says this it ok.

Mom says only slutty girls suck boys. But I once saw Mom sucking Dad and my uncle both at the same time. Mom says doing it in the butt is nasty but I saw her do it with my other uncle. She doesnt know I saw her.

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  • Oral is s**, but not intercourse. So you see his point? Your mother is a prude and controlling because of her own upbringing and probably has issues.

  • my parents dont talk to me about s** so ill figure out on my own when i have my first time.

  • Have the trolls started getting desperate for attention lately?

  • oh my flippin' god! who the h*** are your parents?

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