I was friends with this girl back in highschool (I'll just call her Barbie). She was the perfect example; thin body, blonde hair, big blue eyes. I was always a little jealous of her, I guess, being so perfect. We lost contact for a while when I moved out of state, but when I moved back I found out she developed a meth problem. The next time I talk to her it's over the phone and she's asking me if her boyfriend was there. I was at my friend's house (I'll just call her Casey). Barbie's boyfriend was about to c** between us. I told her he wasn't, but that I hoped she found him. Almost a year later, Casey calls to tell me Barbie died in a car accident, five weeks pregnant with a baby that didn't belong to her boyfriend. I go to her funeral stoned out of my mind and the only thing I can remember was thinking how perfect she didn't look anymore, bloated in her casket with her lips sewn shut. Casey and I never talked about what happened and I never told anyone else. I think it makes me a monster that I don't feel as guilty as I should.

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  • Life's a b****; then you get to die.

  • Hey sorry bout everything that happened to you.

    Hey what is your name though we can talk. -C

  • I'm sorry for everything that happened between all of you and you said you was jealous of her right and maybe since her life went to h*** after that you felt a little relieved because she wasn't so perfect anymore and now you was better then her so maybe that is why you don't feel so guilty but maybe you should stop by her grave and talk to her you know just express to her how you felt then and how you feel now. I know that is seems weird because I telling to go and talk to a person that has past away but it really does help I mean I helped my dad because he used to feel guilty because he never got a chance to tell his brother that he loved him cause all they ever did was fight and then my uncle killed himself and then my dad just felt so bad and it ate at him for not saying he loved his brother but when my dad talk to my dead uncle and told him how he felt now life has been easier on him and he is happier. So I hope that this helps you.-HERE4U

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