I hate my inlaws so bad.I have never

I hate my inlaws so bad.I have never hated anyone like this before-ever.In fact its not in my nature to hate but these people drive me to it.They cant joke about anything. They expect respect but wont give respect.They are misers...you are "allowed" to talk about saving money around them but dont dare talk about spending money.They are worth 2 million,yet they will use an appliance untill it sets on fire.They will have old crappy appliances fixed untill they cant be fixed any longer,or if it does have 5 seconds left on its life they will try to p*** their useless s*** on their kids and expect them to grovel with gratefulness at their generous gift.My favorite was the computer from the early 80's.Which promptly went in the garbage.Yet they gave their youngest who is 26 a newer computer from 2000,which she sold to pay the rent. These people are worth 2 million and they refuse to help their kid get on her feet.My MIL's father died and left her over 100,000.We got a copy of the will from freedom of information.She told us that he left her a "few" thousand.Her father was a liar,a cheat,a thief,a drunk and a wife abuser,we even found pictures of young men in his belongings.Now that hes dead, well, you would think he crapped gold nuggets.That woman has spent years in therapy but wallows in denial.You cant say anything without them reading into it,they have given whole new meaning to reading between the lines.Its not possible that someone could actually mean what they say. __________________________________________ They have ruined vacations,ruined christmases,we dont believe in santa or the easter bunny,it is our right as parents to not lie to our children,do ya think they can respect that...NO.!When christmas rolls around or special occasions I let my kids enjoy themselves,if they want 5 cookies so be it,they dont get that stuff every day.MIL bakes and buys cookies and treats galore for christmas but she is so damn cheap that she will only put out a few at a time. _________________________________________________
I have barely touched the tip of the ice burg. I havent mentioned how they like to tell my kids what to do. _________________________________
With my family everyone gets together-has a huge BBQ,its a feast fit for a king,at least 5 kinds of salad,meats,you name it. Everyone is laughing so hard that your guts ache when you leave. ___________________________________________________
At the inlaws-you get salad,ham and mabe one cookie,no butter on anything,oh yeah, they are racist and they hate fat people.You dont dare crack a joke or say anything off color.They might as well post a "no laughing " sign on the front door. I cant stand this,they have some sort of bizarre hold over my husband.I'm begining to think that I have to get a divorce just to get away from them.I cant take this anymore.The woman didnt say 2 words to me untill after we were married.Then I was best friends with her step mom which enraged her more.This family really is a bunch of wack jobs and I have barely touched the surface.The sick thing is they "look" good,these people are the masters of the masks.UGH.I cant take this."

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  • Damn, thats a tough nut all right, all I can say is relocate no less that 2 hours away, and therapy, therapy, therapy.

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