My wife has been s******* around with guys and chics and threesomes and all that and she has absolutely no idea that I even have a tiny clue. She never even once went to confession since we got married. She thinks I don't know a thing but she made two tiny mistakes and through those two, I got all the rest. I am a dumb s*** because it took me two years of being fooled but for the last four and half years I been watching her bullshit show. She tries to act completely innocent and I see right through her. Her problem is that I don't like her enough to even give a s*** and she doesn't weven know that. So, I hang around for two reasons, my son, and she is a good cook but as soon as he marries, Im outa here and there are plenty of restaurants. I want him to get married and he is almost, and I want it to be a full family and all that crap at the wedding and for my kid's mind. Meanwhile she is a pathetic fool who really believes she is totally invisible. When I first got shocked, I wanted to kill her then I wanted to commit suicide but now, after all these years, I just want to leave her and she is slowly becoming not that hot a piece like she once was. Soon she going to be very very alone from me and from her "lovers".. Payback is much closer than her current close "lovers." i love the way the Hollywood world calls them "lovers" instead of fools and sinners. First Im getting her back by checking out and then God will get her by whatever He decides to do.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • I wonder if it could be on the other foot. She knows you know and doesn't care. Once your son gets married she's going to stop cooking for you and leave. There are plenty of restaurants. She has already accepted that you are too conservative and found an outlet which satisfies her. You cling to expectations she obviously doesn't respect, and yet you hope that somehow she'll pay... in h*** or whatever bullshit you think will happen. But the reality is she doesn't believe in imaginary rituals and puts more of her energy into finding happiness. Rather than expecting peoples actions and levels of happiness to be based on your own belief system.

    But, she did take vows. She is being honest with herself, but not with you. That part really sucks, but you have found a way to deal with it and have a plan in place. Prepare for the future without her, but just how will you do that? Who is staying and who is leaving? Who gets what you both may have earned together? Start working that out and perhaps get an attorney now and have those papers ready.

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