I want you to.....

I want you to kiss me deeply, then kiss and lick my nipples, then bite them a little. Then I want you to slide your long fingers inside my panties and part my soft clean shaven lips. Can you feel how hot you make me? Then you should slide one of your fingers inside me really slowly and feel how warm and soft and wet I am. Now I need two of those long fingers inside me.

Slide your fingers in and out of me faster now. Yeah, like that. Oh that's just... too good. Now I'll undo your pants and slip my hand inside to caress your thick meaty c***. Then I'll open my legs really wide while you finger me, and I'll toss my head back and close my eyes while I lift my hips up to your thrusting fingers and moan in pleasure.
Then you should slip your fingers out of me and put them in my mouth so I can lick them clean.

Then you really need to help me out of all my clothes.

I can't wait, baby.

To be continued....

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  • This sounds like my wife. But she does not visit these sites. My wife is the sexiest girl I have ever met. We both have the day off today and oh boy are we going to have fun.

  • Wow! I think somebody p***** in your wheaties or something! Seriously, what I described is just what I look like. I post on here because it would be weird to come right out and say this stuff to my boss.

  • Your probably an ugly desperate person who doesn't know if they are straight,bi, or gay because they never had a lover. This is just a fantasy from a low life desperate person. Your probably really fat, with ugly azz face and the only time you gain your self confidence is to talk anonymously on this site so nobody knows who you are.

  • 5'7", 120lbs, dark blonde hair and green eyes. No fat gut here. No hair on the vag, either. Eat your heart out.

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