Today, tomorrow, probably forever.

It seems as if it's become almost silly and trivial, at least now it does. In high school I dated a girl fro two years, from the beginning of my junior year until right after I graduated, we went through three major break ups, each time coming together and getting even stronger, we had common feuds, but NEVER went to bed angry at each other. And we were the idol couple at my high school, we were celibate, we were sweet to each other, we were affectionate but never overly so in public. She went on a trip over the summer and when she came back she said she need to go a new direction, we remained friends, but didn't see each other often. It has been over a year and a half since we broke up, 5 months since I last even saw her. She now lives in another state, going to school. Due to family and marital issues she might never return to this city, if she does it will be only for a short visit.
The Confession in all this is obvious: I'm still completely in love with her. I've been through a few small relationships since and battled with internal issues involving my remaining feelings. But now I've come to the point where it's a totally normal part of my day, most every day I see a picture of her and smile with delight, I have a few things constantly around me the remind me of her, and I keep them, and I'm just fine with that. I still have so much respect for her. I try to talk to her from time to time but we usually have little to talk about. But still I remain here, just as in love as ever. I know it's only been 18 months and it probably won't last forever, but I KNOW it will last a while, it's pretty ingrained in my every day routine by now.
At least I know I'm not alone in what I feel. That's for sure.

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