i am a hopeless gay. i found out

i am a hopeless gay. i found out recently that i just can not take hiding myself anymore. what should i do? how can i come out to my parents?

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  • Come out, u can finally b yourself

  • Just come out and tell them, They will accept you - just as long as you don't try and butt f*** them...............hahahahahahahaha you tan tracker!

  • Hopefully they will support you and love you no matter what!

  • oops I meant uncomfortable. . .lol

  • to the comment above the one above this one: That would not be good, it would make his partenr feel very comfortable!

  • I agree with the 'You are not gay when you are with someone, you are gay NOW!' comment.
    Fantastic advice, probably the best you will ever get.

  • you should get a partner and just turn up for dinner with him sum time, the shock factor should make them accept it well enough then you leave an hour later before they actually have time to think about it then they must come to terms with it leave it a month before you see them again

  • To the so-called "loving" parent, the only reason your son felt so disappointed in himself is because you taught him that he should feel that way. You told him to hate himself; it was most likely that sickness you installed in him that plauged and eventually ruined his relationship. Some advice on parenting: remember that you are just another fellow being roaming this earth. We are all our own people with our own right to live, and you have no more right to tell someone else how to live than anyone does to tell you. Don't think you have authority over someone else's life just because you were born earlier. Mind your own business, live your own life, and maybe someone else will be able to as well.

    As for the original question, tell them now! Ignore the person who told you to wait until you were with someone. You are not telling them to make things convenient, or because you have to, you are telling them because you want to share who are. You are not gay when you are with someone, you are gay NOW! So tell them now. Just pour some drinks at a public restaurant, make a toast to yourself and say: "I would like to make a toast to my new found acceptance of myself and celebrate that I am gay." Make sure you have your own ride, then leave to your coming out party!!!

  • you r a big f**

  • This is what it would be like if you were my son. And please, I don't want hate from anyone here, I am only being honest. I love my son, nothing he could do or be would ever stop me from loving him, EVER. But I would not support him in a decision to act upon his homosexuality. I would encourage him to remain celibate. I truly believe that sexual love belongs inside of a marriage between a man & a woman.

    Have my children told me things? Yes. Have my children had s** outside of marriage? One of them has. He was very disappointed in himself; the relationship did not work out; and he has rededicated himself to celibacy until marriage. The whole thing was very painful for him.

  • Your parents probably aren't your real parents. They're from another planet and are here just to make you miserable. Live with it or ask them to take you to their planet. You'll be happier there because eveyone is q****.

  • you need to tell them no matter what you think thier reaction will be. if they truely do love you they will be understanding. be strong and go for it. ignore the first a******, he obviously has a very low self-esteem and makes himself feel better by putting others down. good luck!!!

  • fa sho man keep it real, that loser that left the first comment is a d******, he doesnt understand. good luck though with the whole parents thing :)

  • i have a gay son and if you think your parents love you, they will support you no matter what. be true to yourself. use condoms.

  • you should think for a while and see if your parents are the kind of people that would get mad at something like that and if not tell them.

  • If your parents aren't going to take the news well, don't tell them until you are in a relationship, and your SO is going to be around for holidays ect. If you are just single, what is the point of adding grief to your life & theirs. And yes, you will hear comments like the one from the fool who left the 1st comment, ignore 'em and go live your life.

  • your a f** you should be shot

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