Okay then since this is the most anonymous place-

I'm studying for anatomy for art. I'm going to be designing characters later on with a lot of action so I need to get an idea of a lot of things. Things including muscles, agility, leg and gluteous movement and so, as I must inevitably write, crotch movement and allowance for such.

I'm a chick. So I have a much better idea of my joint positions etc and how much room I've got. I'm also a virgin so forgive me for asking but-

1) How much room do guys have between the legs, as i know they've got less then girls due to different hip angles and functions

2) Is there any part of the p**** or testicles that stem from or are positioned between the legs at all

and finally the worst:

3) Can guys move completely freely with less of a gap e.g. does anything, well, you know, 'catch'?

Thanks for those who may answer and sorry that the questions sounded so stupid.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • First commentator. There is a site... its.. well.. not s**, but nudity. At least when I last saw the site. Abby Winters, or something like that?

  • Thank you for the effort put in, this is very helpful. Answers more in some ways then google ever did. I've had the opportunity to do some nude drawing classes from life, but the male model backed out. Should get the chance again this coming year though.

    I'll use photos from DA for now, along with this and other information. I just found that photos weren't telling me enough from art sites, and I don't want to scour the p*** sites for them.

  • I'm sure you can find a live model pay per session at some art collective, if you are in a urban area. I sculpted and made drawings of naked people for 4 years while in university. Daily dual-3 hour sessions with all sorts of body types. I still remember how much it screwed up the guys drawings when a model came in shaved bald. Our teacher was a russian trained realist painter. VERY h****** students with critiques of their drawings and how they need to practice...

    1. Our hips are slimmer, but the gap all depends on body weight and physical shape. Scrawny guys will have stovepipe legs in line dropping down form the outside of the hip. Unlike how a curvy girl will have wider hips with have the leg taper in from the thigh to the knee. In general, if a guy was standing up with feet placed squarely under the shoulders, and he lifted up his junk, there normally is daylight. Unless he is heavy.

    2. Well... placement of the p**** is very close between guys. I think usually the top of the beginning of the shaft that extrudes is about 1/2 way on the pubic bone. The inner shaft will continue down towards its base root which is about exactly in the middle of the body. The underside of the p**** will seem longer than the top as you see more of the underside of the shaft. The shaft will then be surrounded by the s******. the vas deferences go around the side of the shaft down to the testicles. The shape of the testicles vary wildly. Large, small, tight to the body, loose and floppy, and at uneven height. So, the p**** shaft is tightly under the pubic bone. It'll fall down in front of the s****** which seems to be about.... well, if you looked at a guy from the side, who is facing right, P**** at 4, b**** at 5, nothing except the root at 6. A*** at 7. That make sense? Another thing. some guys have a very tight support ligament that makes it point up. Others have a loose one, so it points down or hangs even when hard. A hanging one seems to push it all further between the legs.

    3 Of course we catch all the time. Its why we reposition ourselves all the time. Especially in jeans. One t******* is larger than the other, and at slightly different heights. It lets them slide and move around so they don't crush or twist (rare) when you take steps.

    I'll mark down this post number 9684 and check back later. The new format of the site seems to restrict us to one page, until you search and use those numbers.

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